Xi ally erupts to deny Russia invasion of Ukraine

China is 'not a natural ally' of Russia says expert

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Chinese Communist Party media spokesman Victor Gao warned that “the more technical defeats” Ukraine inflicts on Russia, “the more ferociously [Russian troops] will fight back”. Speaking with Times Radio presenter Aasmah Mir, he denied the possibility that Ukraine could overpower Russia despite reports on an unexpectedly successful counter-offensive. Mr Gao also warned Europe to brace for a “very, very hard and harsh” winter in the event the war prolongates and not in favour of Russia.

The Times Radio host asked Mr Gao: “Do you accept that Russia invaded Ukraine? That’s quite an important point.”

He responded: “It is not the official Chinese position on this matter.

“I think we leave this to historians in the future to decide what exactly happened.

“For the moment, what’s of crucial importance is to bring the war to an end as quickly as possible so that there will be no more loss of lives for the Ukrainian people.

“This is the most important [objective].”

Ms Mir continued: “What seems to be happening right now is that the war may end because Ukraine is overpowering Russia in parts of Ukraine.”

Mr Gao objected: “Absolutely not, I think while everyone can look at the recent events on the battleground through his or her own lenses and come to his or her own conclusions, I think that the most technical defeats you inflict on Russian troops, the more they will fight back, the more ferociously they will fight back.

“It is not realistic to expect that the recent defeats inflicted on Russian troops will lead to an ultimate defeat of Russia in Ukraine.

“The most profound danger is that if Russian troops really are cornered, then they may even escalate the war in Ukraine, leading to graver consequences for mankind as a whole.”

Referring to China’s stance on the war, he continued: “China supports both Russian and Ukraine and as a matter of fact, China lost more than many other countries, almost every other country except Ukraine as a result of the war.

“China was the largest investor in Ukraine before the outbreak of the war and China was taken by complete surprise when the war started.

“China actually panicked because there were so many Chinese people in Ukraine. In Beijing, for example, we also have more than 2000 Ukrainian people.

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“What China wants is that we do not need to split the hair for the moment, we just need to do what matters the most that is to promote peace negotiations, bring the war to an end and prevent the war from spilling over.”

He warned and concluded: “I’m very sorry to say that winter is coming and this winter will be very, very hard and harsh for many people in different European countries, the prolongation of the war in Ukraine is fundamentally against everyone’s interests right now”.

The comments came as Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on Thursday in Uzbekistan in a summit intended to signal the strength of the relationship that exists between the two superpowers.

During the summit the two leaders are believed to have held discussions regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine and the existing tensions between China and Taiwan.

The summit came together with reports from Ukraine that reveal that Ukrainian forces are making substantial territorial achievements amid their counter-offensive to retake control over Russian-controlled Kharkiv region.

Amid the reports, on Wednesday night, Ukraine President Zelensky said his forces were moving “towards victory” and added that “stabilisation measures” have been put in place in liberated villages.

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