A black hole has been pictured for the first time in human history

A black hole has been pictured for the first time in human history. It was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHT) a vast array of telescopes all across the planet that were synchronized to work together. The image was revealed at a press conference in Brussels beamed around the world. It shows the first direct visual evidence of […]

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Black cab drivers block Parliament Square in protest

Black cab drivers block London streets for second day in protest at Sadiq Khan’s plans to improve air quality by BANNING them from part of the capital Scores of cab drivers blocked Parliament square and other locations in London Friday’s demonstration was the second time this week cabbies have protested  They are angry at Sadiq Khan’s plans to fine them […]

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Father, 37, killed himself after taking a black market drug

Father, 37, who was frustrated by delay of his prescription pills for ongoing leg pain accidentally killed himself after taking black market drug without realising it was substitute for HEROIN Labourer Simon Field, 37, spoke to someone on phone and asked for morphine Had some pills and went to bed, where he was found unresponsive next morning Coroner in Heywood, […]

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