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Lufthansa's £325,000,000 party plane is a 'superyacht for the skies'

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video These are the spectacular renders of a refurbished Airbus A330 wide-body jet that’s been dubbed a ‘superyacht for the skies’. Created by German design studio Lufthansa Technik, each £325m refurbishment project would see a standard passenger airliner turned into a luxury party plane. Including a […]

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Climate change is driving albatrosses to divorce

Could climate change lead to breakups? It looks like albatross relationships are the latest victims of global warming. Albatrosses are long-living seabirds known for their monogamy. A recent study found that divorce rates in albatross couples were up due to warmer seas. Researchers studied 15,500 breeding pairs in the Falkland Islands over 15 years. Warmer waters due to global warming […]

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