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Apple orders employees to come into the office 3 times a week

Following months of delays, Apple finally has a solid start date for its hybrid work policy. Come September 5, the tech giant will start requiring employees who work in its Santa Clara Valley campus to report to the office three times a week According to The Verge. Employees are expected to be in the office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and a third […]

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Australian watchdog to examine Instagram’s TikTok mimicry

Australia’s consumer watchdog will examine whether social media behemoth Meta is throttling a potential competitor and entrenching its dominance by aping TikTok’s signature features on its own services, Facebook and Instagram. The next phase of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s long-running digital platform services inquiry will also consider the reverse scenario: whether the emergence of new platforms such as […]

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Tech billionaire says defence, nuclear power should be in investors’ sights

Repeat billion-dollar start-up founder Palmer Luckey, who sold his pioneering virtual reality company Oculus to Facebook in 2014, has castigated socially minded investment funds for failing to include the defence and nuclear energy industries in their portfolios. Luckey, 29, who went on to found the military technology firm Anduril in 2017, is determined not to get involved in political stoushes […]

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