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New tech could potentially help solve JFK mystery

AI could finally help solve the mystery of a “second shooter” in the assassination of US President John F Kennedy almost 60 years ago. Experts believe Artificial Intelligence, combined with new advances in digital image processing, will either prove or disprove beyond all doubt whether another gunman took aim at JFK in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The fresh evidence […]

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Don Bateman, Trailblazer in Airline Safety, Dies at 91

Don Bateman, an engineer who invented a cockpit device that warns airplane pilots with colorful screen displays and dire audible alerts like “Caution Terrain!” and “Pull Up!” when they are in danger of crashing into mountains, buildings or water — an innovation that has likely saved thousands of lives — died on May 21 at his home in Bellevue, Wash. […]

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