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The settings that make smartphones easier for everyone to use

Smartphones have gradually become more useful for people with a range of physical abilities, thanks to tools like screen readers and adjustable text sizes. With the recent release of Apple’s iOS 16 and Google’s Android 13 software, even more accessibility features have been introduced or upgraded, including improved live transcription tools and apps that use artificial intelligence to identify objects. […]

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Apple exec fired after TikTok claim he fondles 'big breasted' women

A senior Apple executive has been sacked after a TikTok video showed him joking about fondling women. Tony Blevins, a key player in the company’s supply chain operations, was filmed inside his $500,000 (£450k) Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. When questioned about what he did for a living, the tech executive responded he ‘I have rich cars, play golf and fondle big-breasted […]

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Monero: The currency of choice of the would-be Optus extorter

When an anonymous person posted on a message board last week, claiming to have broken into Optus’ servers and extracted a huge haul of personal information, they asked for a million dollars to make the problem go away. Specifically, they asked for a million dollars worth of the cryptocurrency monero. For many this may have been the first time they’d […]

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