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Clever iPhone feature means users will never miss a text again

Serial texters will never miss another text notification with a simple but clever iPhone trick. Apple notifications can be easily missed, especially since many of us tend to have sound and vibration switched off. But there's a hidden feature in your iPhone settings that can solve the issue. The useful hack was shared by TikTok creator TechHackGuy, and involves making […]

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Fourth Covid-19 booster ineffective at stopping Omicron, research shows

Looks like a fourth Covid-19 booster vaccine might not be useful after all, according to preliminary research from Israel. The results show that a fourth jab is ineffective against stopping Omicron infections. ‘Despite a significant increase in antibodies after the fourth vaccine, this protection is only partially effective against the Omicron strain, which is relatively resistant to the vaccine,’ explained […]

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Parents deal with bedtime 'meltdowns' after Google changes its white noise track

Parents are reportedly having to deal with ‘meltdowns’ at bedtime as Google has replaced the ambient white noise in its smart speakers. The standard hour-long ambient white noise track available on Google’s Nest Hub and Nest mini speakers has been replaced with a shorter, quieter 10-minute version. Google Assistant is equipped with the ability to play a variety of ambient sounds, […]

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US airlines claim 5G will cause 'catastrophic disruption' to planes

A number of US-based airlines have raised fears over the potential for 5G signals to disrupt aviation equipment and ground planes. In a letter sent to the White House, the bosses of carriers including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines said they were worried about C-Band 5G networks. Citing the interference from nearby cell towers on […]

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