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Keep Your Bikini Line Smooth With These Ingrown Hair Tips

Keep Your Bikini Line Smooth With These Ingrown Hair Tips On the list of annoying beauty issues like sparse eyebrow hairs, enlarged pores, and smudged lipstick, there’s one that clocks in above the rest: ingrown hairs. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, different hair removal methods can lead to these pesky bumps popping up along areas like your bikini line. But, […]

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5 PCOS Exercise Tips To Help Manage Your Symptoms

Polycystic ovary syndrome (a.k.a. PCOS) is a condition that impacts one in 10 women of childbearing age. So the odds that you or someone you know has it are pretty high. Managing PCOS often involves a number of lifestyle factors—and exercise is an important one. In case you’re not familiar with it, PCOS is a syndrome in which an imbalance […]

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The Best Wardrobe Colors For Your Hair Color

Changing hair colors is as fun as changing your wardrobe, and, when buying clothes, people often like to mix and match according to what would look best together. Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone is similar to choosing the perfect wardrobe colors for your locks. Matching is key for a well-put-together look, and there are tons of […]

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The Hand Soap That Makes My Bathroom Feel Like a Chic Hotel

Imagine you’re at a chic hotel, having a martini at the bar, or maybe you’re jet-lagged in that sort of nice, time-for-a-nap way, waiting for your club sandwich to arrive by the pool. You walk into the beautifully designed bathroom off the lobby to wash your hands, lather them up with a few pumps of soap that smells like herbs […]

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