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Meet Danny de Hek, the crypto Ponzi scheme avenger

Last year, Danny de Hek was a social media guru badly in need of a social media guru. A buoyant New Zealander with geeky glasses, he dispensed advice about how to vastly expand your online audience, to a group of just 350 subscribers. He earned a living by drop shipping electronics as he searched for ways to make serious money. […]

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Inside the downfall of ‘careless’ billionaire who lost 94% of fortune in a day

A 30-year-old crypto billionaire set a world record this month for losing the most money in a single day⁠—after his wealth plummeted by 94 percent overnight. Once widely considered the future of the cryptocurrency world, Sam Bankman-Fried was worth $17 billion (£14bn) earlier this month thanks to FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange he founded. On Tuesday November 8, he announced that […]

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