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China-backed espionage is getting harder to spot, researchers say

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios Suspected China-linked hacking groups are continuing to build on a new tactic targeting internet-facing security tools as a way of stealthily breaking into some of the most data-rich organizations, researchers at Google-owned Mandiant warn. Driving the news: In a report Thursday, researchers said they've uncovered a new bug targeting software security company Fortinet, which makes firewalls, antivirus […]

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Big Tech powers down devices amid economic woes

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios Tech giants are ditching several consumer device product lines as dark economic forecasts make cost-cutting a priority. The big picture: Tech’s biggest bear market in two decades has spurred tens of thousands of layoffs and plummeting stock prices, as companies scramble to find ways to minimize the downturn’s long-term impact. What’s happening: Amazon's reported plan to lay […]

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"Metaverse" is Wall Street's new favorite buzzword

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios The promise of a "metaverse" is being used by companies across entertainment, tech and gaming to lure developers and excite investors. Why it matters: While each company defines metaverse differently, the broad concept of bringing people together in a virtual interactive world seems to have taken over the chatter in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. By the numbers: […]

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The "flying taxis" of the future are lifting off

Joby's electric air taxi is undergoing testing in California. Photo courtesy of Joby Some odd-looking aircraft are flying circles above strawberry and lettuce fields in rural California, as the next era in aviation draws closer. Why it matters: Powered by electric batteries and designed to take off like a helicopter but fly like a plane, these newfangled aircraft — now […]

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