Leaked GTA 6 screenshots give first hints at new character and ‘insane’ graphics

An image which is supposedly a screenshot of GTA 6 has appeared online and sent fans of the series into overdrive.

Users on Twitter and Reddit are buzzing with excitement over the image, which gives a fresh insight into what the long-awaited game could look like.

The image shows a female character in a pink shirt stood in a car park at night-time, next to a group of people chatting.

Eagle-eyed gamers have pointed out the incredibly detailed lighting and textures in the game, and some have even manipulated the image to find additional details like tall buildings in the background.

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Despite some outlets reporting the screenshot as a new leaked image, they actually seem to date back to September of 2022โ .

This was when a teen hacker accessed Rockstar's system and released more than 90 images and video clips from an early version of the game.

Those leaks showed a female protagonist, rumoured to be called Lucia, who is also shown in the alleged screenshot above.

This hasn't stopped gamers sharing their excitement about the game. One gamer said: "No one noticing the bike rack with BMXs?", hinting that the game could see the return of bikes which were first introduced in GTA: San Andreas.

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Another user said: "I can't believe how good the ground looks in all screenshots insanely detailed."

GTA creators at Rockstar said that the leaks were from 'early development footage' of the game leaked when "an unauthorised third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems."

The company still hasn't shared an official trailer or images of the game but says it wants to 'properly introduce' fans to the game once it is ready.

Rumours suggest that the character in the screenshots is one of two playable characters, with the game featuring a 'Bonnie and Clyde'-type crime duo.


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