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Wagner chief had ‘plan B in case Putin killed him’ and could still get revenge

Wagner Group issue statement after death of Yevgeny Prigozhin Prigozhin’s security services have allegedly conducted a swift operation to collect all electronics and documents from their offices before vanishing without a trace, in what sources say it’s Prigozhin’s ‘Plan B’ in case he was killed. The situation has given rise to numerous speculations about the intentions behind this mysterious move […]

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Ulez is the start of Labour's carless society

Secret plan to change drivers by the mile: Ulez is the start of Labour’s carless society The Ulez charge will apply to all 32 boroughs of London from Tuesday 29 August  Millions of drivers are in danger of being hit by a new pay-per-mile road tax under Labour plans seen by The Mail on Sunday. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has […]

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Gibraltar to tighten border after Spain brings in new checks ‘without warning’

The Gibraltar government has accused Spain of suddenly introducing stricter border measures “without warning” – bringing the crossing to a standstill at the height of holiday season. It has promised to retaliate with its own tighter controls. The tit-for-tat was sparked when Spanish border police increased scanning of passports and other ID documents, according to Gibraltar authorities. The changes reportedly […]

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Travelodge sees hotels sell out ahead of Taylor Swift tour

The Taylor Swift effect? Travelodge sells out of hotel rooms for star’s sold-out Eras tour in Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cardiff amid jump in demand for big-name performers Budget hotel chain gets a boost from demand boom for big-name performances  Revenues across firm jump 22.4% to £478.7million in the six months to June 30 Budget chain Travelodge today revealed its hotels […]

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Woman claims £20 portrait she bought from charity shop 'enchanted'

I’m the owner of the ‘haunted’ painting – it’s turned my life upside down: Woman claims £20 portrait of girl she bought from charity shop ‘enchanted’ her mother like Gollum and the One Ring – and now wants a ‘professional’ to ‘lift its curse’ The owner of a ‘cursed’ charity shop painting has insisted it has ‘enchanting’ powers reminiscent of […]

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