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The price of your Christmas dinner revealed

The price of your Christmas dinner revealed: How cheaper Brussels sprouts, puddings and sparkling wines are curbing the cost of the festive feast Brussels sprouts are 4.3% cheaper than a year ago, according to Kantar data Christmas puddings are down by 2.4% and sparkling wine has fallen 5.9%  Cheaper Brussels sprouts means the average price of Christmas dinner for four […]

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Unknown ‘jungle’ virus ‘like malaria and dengue’ detected in sick man’s blood

An unknown "jungle" virus has been found in a sick man's blood and likened to killer diseases malaria and dengue. The unidentified patient headed to hospital with joint pain, chills and a fever and was soon diagnosed with a never-before-seen virus. The 20-year-old construction worker's ailments were compared to that of viral infections spread by mosquitos. Scientists have warned the […]

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Acclaimed ABC producer broke new ground in TV current affairs

Save articles for later Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. Current affairs television, to its audience, can be little more than a series of familiar faces of presenters, prejudices about their presentation style, satisfaction or rage about the way stories are presented. This overlooks the reality of how such television is made – […]

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