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Prince Harry gave Queen an X-rated Christmas gift she’d ‘never use’, says butler

Prince Harry once gifted his late-grandmother The Queen an iconic . . . and very rude Christmas gift. According to controversial ex-Royal butler Paul Burrell, appearing on Channel 4's A Very Royal Christmas: Sandringham Secrets, the Duke of Sussex bought the much-loved Monarch an x-rated shower cap. He claims, without stating what year it was, thatPrince Harry gifted the Queen […]

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Council to protect tree that couple saved thousands to have removed

Ex-Army chef and wife save £3,000 to remove ‘dangerous’ tree that blocks sunlight and has injured pedestrians… only for a neighbour to tip off council who slapped preservation order on it Stephen Petrowsky said he’s received 40 complaints from injured passers-by A married couple spent years saving thousands of pounds to have a ‘dangerous’ tree removed from their front garden, […]

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Real life ‘Atlantis’ found on site of forgotten ancient city entirely submerged

Ancient city uncovered beneath Chinese lake There are hundreds if not thousands of lost cities scattered across the world. Many of them have simply been forgotten while others have been destroyed by tyrants and invading forces. And some have been purposefully forgotten in modern times, like the ancient so-called ‘Lion City’ in China. Just 60 years ago, fuelled by industrialisation […]

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The European country with sea water that has ‘toxic effect’ on immune systems

A European country across the North Sea from the UK has issued a warning to stop children and pets swallowing seawater at several popular resorts because it is polluted with ‘forever chemicals’. Dutch health figures are worried the ocean is contaminated with PFAS chemicals, so-call ‘forever chemicals’ which do not degrade naturally and are resistant to heat, oil, stains, grease, […]

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Muriel McKay was kidnapped after mistaken for Rupert Murdoch's wife

Half a century after Muriel McKay was kidnapped by a criminal duo who mistook her for Rupert Murdoch’s wife… Will her family finally find the 55-year-old’s body after killer’s nine-page confession?  The 55-year-old was snatched from her home in London in December 1969 Nizam Hosein has put his name to a legal document admitting his involvement The final resting place of […]

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