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KARA KENNEDY: Is Felicity Huffman Hollywood's WORST mother?

Is Felicity Huffman Hollywood’s WORST mother? The Varsity Blues convict has cruelly reminded the world of her daughter’s humiliation – and, says KARA KENNEDY, it’s all a shameless bid to revive her long-dead acting career Talk about a desperate housewife! Felicity Huffman, apparently tired of sitting at home and nursing her long-dead acting career, has put on her best I’m […]

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Tucker Carlson 'flattered' by rumors about being Trump's VP pick

Tucker Carlson reveals he’s ‘flattered’ by rumors he will be on the Trump 2024 ticket as his running mate – but says the chances are similar to ‘an asteroid striking the Earth’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday appeared on the latest episode of The Roseanne Barr Podcast Carlson was asked about the idea that Donald Trump could choose him as his running […]

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White House FINALLY addresses Henry Kissinger's death after 17 hours

White House FINALLY addresses Henry Kissinger’s death after 17 hours: John Kirby says diplomat’s death is a ‘huge loss’ regardless of whether you ‘agree with him or not’ – as Biden waits to release statement ‘It’s a huge loss,’ White House spokesman John Kirby said Kirby acknowledged the controversy around Kissinger’s decision but praised his service to the country Biden […]

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Pictured: Women being hunted by police

Pictured: Women being hunted by police after pickpocket gang stole large amount of cash from bus passenger who had just withdrawn it from the bank The victim screamed out loud when she realised she had been pickpocketed These are the women police are looking for after an 86-year-old woman had a large amount of cash stolen on a bus. The […]

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