Ex-Apple worker lifts lid on big iPhone mistake that’s killing your battery life

A former Apple employee has revealed one huge mistake people make that runs down their iPhone's battery.

We've all noticed how a phone's battery can start to run out quicker the longer we have it. These days, iPhones even show us how much of our device's original battery capacity remains (Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging).

Almost all of us will have used Low Power Mode, which temporarily reduces background activity to make battery last longer, but there are several other ways of staving off the dreaded blank screen.

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Ex-Apple employee Tyler Morgan shares iPhone tips on TikTok (where he goes by @hitomidocameraroll) and recently lifted the lid on these battery secrets.

"Do not charge to 100%. Do not charge it overnight. Charge it to 80%," he told his followers. "Going out all day? Charge it too 100%. Just don't do it everyday."

He encouraged people to turn on Optimised Battery Charging. This allows your iPhone to learn from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it. The setting is designed to "reduce battery ageing".

Another battery-saving tip Tyler shared was to "turn off you background activity". To do this go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, where you can turn it off entirely or for selected apps. Tyler explained: "No, you're not going to get your Instagram post notifications, but you will save battery."

Tyler also encouraged followers to "turn off location services for apps you're not using". To do this go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Locations Services, where again you can choose to turn it off entirely or for selected apps. Tyler advised people turn it off for "anything you don't use all the time or you don't feel like needs your location".

The former Apple employee went on to list a number of more commonly-known tricks, such as turning off Bluetooth and Siri, or turning down your phone's brightness.

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