Chloe Madeley strips naked to showcase her post-baby body

Chloe Madeley strips naked to showcase her post-baby body eight months after giving birth to daughter Bodhi

Chloe Madeley stripped off naked to showcase her dramatic body transformation eight-months after giving birth.

The fitness coach, 36, welcomed her first child Bodhi in August last year with husband James Haskell, 38.

The daughter of TV legends Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan showed off her toned figure in the snap.

Sharing the images on Instagram, Chloe wrote: ‘Took me months but you have to keep trying and eventually the solution shoe will fit and you’ll get there. You can’t do it on your own though, you need help.’

Explaining how followers can achieve similar results, Chloe said: ‘Progressive overload is the key, can be via weights, sets or reps. 

Looking good: Chloe Madeley stripped off naked to showcase her dramatic body transformation eight-months after giving birth

Family: The fitness coach, 36, welcomed her first child Bodhi in August last year with husband James Haskell, 38

‘No need to change your training plan unless you’re not seeing what you want to see re physique.’

It comes after Chloe opened up about the challenges in her and her husband James’ relationship after the two became parents in August 2022.

The star has revealed that there were moments when she wondered ‘Are we ever going to come out the other side of this?’ as they battled with sleepless nights and extreme tiredness.

Discussing her marriage with Bella magazine, the personal trainer admitted she feels she has managed to save her marriage and the couple are now getting back on track.

‘We’re starting to spend more time together and enjoy it as opposed to getting into a competition about who’s more tired and say ‘Who’s done the bottles?”

Chloe and the former rugby player welcomed their daughter Bodhi together last August, and the star has been very open about her motherhood journey.

She confessed that becoming a mum has taught her so much about herself: ‘I’ve learned that I am a hell of a lot more capable than I thought.’

Being a mum is by no means an easy feet, however Chloe admits is has made her feel like a much stronger woman.

The mother recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday as she uploaded a sweet compilation video to Instagram.

She shared a collection of memories, from pregnancy to birth and sweet moments as a family from the last year.

Captioning the post she wrote: ‘My baby girl is 1. I have a baby girl. And she is 1 year old. Sentences that still feel alien to me, but the last year has been a journey and a meaning I never could have imagined for myself.

‘I never knew what it would feel like, and it feels like a crashing wave of pure, undiluted love on my soul and on my life, and I can’t lie, with that has come A LOT of fear’

Tough times: Last week Chloe revealed she didn’t know if they were ‘ever going to come out the other side’ as she opened up about saving her marriage with James

She went on to gush: ‘Oh Bodhi, what did we do to get so lucky? You are the happiest, smiliest, friendliest, most affectionate, adventurous, independent, funny, sweet natured bulldozer of a character.

‘I am SO proud of you, your smile, your laugh, your stupid walk and your ridiculous teeth. Your crazy hair and your mental scream.

‘The way you let me carry, cuddle, sing and dance around the kitchen with you every morning and you go into some weird trance and stare blankly ahead, not letting me put you down even when daddy tries to temp you away with a football or a cheerio.

‘You are my core, my heart, my anchor, my reason, my everything. I love you. So much. I hope one day you read this, and I hope you feel immensely, overwhelmingly loved. I hope you feel loved every day of your life. Because you are. I love you. To the ends of the earth and back. More than anything or anyone. It’s you and me. Always forever.’

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