Jada Pinkett Smith Says She's Never Seen Will with 'No Man' in Fresh Denial

Jada Pinkett Smith is doubling down on denying Will Smith hooked up with Duane Martin — but going a bit further now … saying there hasn’t been a whiff of this with any dude.

The actress put her foot down yet again on the gossip in NYC on Wednesday — not long after she told us she and her hubby planned on suing. In response to being asked if the Will and Duane chatter was baloney … she simply said, “Absolutely” … reiterating her initial denial.

However, when the photog here asks a follow-up — namely, whether she’s seen Will with any man (obviously meaning in a sexual nature) … JPS emphatically shoots that down as well.

Check out what she has to say … sounds like she’s never seen anything like that with her own two eyes — and you can tell me she means it by the repetition here.

Of course, her being firm echoes what she told us Wednesday as well … namely, that the Smiths would be taking legal action against Brother Bilaal — and possibly others — for floating the unsubstantiated story that explicitly mentioned gay sex.

BTW, Jada elaborated on all this on “The Breakfast Club” Wednesday — further pointing to the possibility of this landing in court as her family’s next step.

You’ll recall, Brother Bilaal — a man who says he’s Will’s former assistant/friend — said earlier this week he once walked in on Will bent over a couch in Duane’s dressing room, with the 2 having anal sex.

Will Smith Duane Martin

A rep for Will told us, “This story is completely fabricated and the claim is unequivocally false” … and sources told us Duane had no plans to publicly respond to Bilaal’s claim — ’cause the allegations are so ridiculous.

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