Knife-Wielding Man Repeatedly Stabs Israeli Embassy Worker in China

The growing conflict in the Middle East seems to have spread to China as terrifying video emerged of a knife-wielding assailant stabbing an Israeli Embassy worker outside in broad daylight.

The frenzied attack unfolded on a Beijing sidewalk Friday after Hamas’ ex-leader ordered a global ‘Day of Jihad,’ calling on all Muslims to show support for Palestinians — under the leadership of Hamas terrorists — in their fight against Israel.

Check out this footage, obtained by the South China Morning Post … the Israeli diplomat is rolling around on the ground trying to fend off the maniac, who is wildly stabbing him with the knife. The suspect clumsily gets to his feet and again stabs the diplomat in the chest. You can hear the victim scream, “Why, Why?”

After that, the attacker limps away, nursing an injury to his leg that has bled through his pants. The video cuts off as he’s fleeing. It’s not clear if he was arrested.

As for the diplomat, he was rushed to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. The extent of his injuries was not disclosed.

Meanwhile, Israeli military officials issued a warning to Palestinians to leave the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, while continuing to drop bombs in the area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas after the terrorist group launched a sneak attack, killing more than 1300 Jewish men, women and children.

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