Phil Collins's ex struggled to sell home 'littered with dog poop'

EXCLUSIVE: Phil Collins’s ex-wife Orianne Cevey struggled to sell her Fort Lauderdale home with boytoy former husband Thomas Bates after leaving it ‘in state of disrepair’

  • In filings obtained by Thomas Bates revealed Orianne Cevey struggled to offload their home after ‘allowing it to fall into a state of disrepair’
  • According to docs, the home had ‘deteriorating landscaping …a rampant fruit fly infestation…’ and ‘dog fecal matter consistently on the coffee tables’
  • Cevey, 49, first put the property on the market in August 2022 for $10.95M, but wasn’t able to sell it until last month for $7.75M after it went into foreclosure

The ex-wife of rock legend Phil Collins struggled to sell the waterfront mansion at the heart of her bitter divorce from her boytoy third husband because dog poop ‘consistently’ littered living room coffee tables, court papers obtained by reveal.

Orianne Cevey, 49, also smoked so much inside the 8,000 sq ft home she bought with former male escort Thomas Bates, 34, that it permanently reeked of cigarettes – to the horror of her realtor, the filing adds.

The Swiss-born jewelry designer finally managed to offload the six-bedroom pad in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in late August for $7.75million, after it went into foreclosure because she had failed to keep up with loan payments.

She had put it on the market in August 2022 for $10.95million but gradually reduced the asking price, eventually going down to $8.49million and then being forced to accept $740,000 less than that.

Orianne and former male escort Thomas Bates luxuriated in their new Fort Lauderdale pad together until he left shortly before divorce proceedings began in December 2021, leaving her to pay the bills

In filings obtained by Thomas Bates revealed Orianne Cevey struggled to offload their home after ‘allowing it to fall into a state of disrepair’

The documents go on so say there was ‘dog fecal matter consistently on the coffee tables in the marital home’s living room and a perpetual smell of cigarette smoke inside the home’

Struggling musician Bates, who met Cevey after she picked him from an escort website in Miami, alleges his estranged wife deliberately ‘devalued the marital home… by allowing it to fall into a state of disrepair’.

His attorney’s filing to Broward County Circuit Court says that at one point the realtor told him that ‘there was no way she could successfully market the house’.

‘There was a 3x3ft hole in the ceiling of the guest room with constant water leakage, heavily deteriorating landscaping and trash in the front of the home, a rampant fruit fly infestation…’

It goes on so say there was ‘dog fecal matter consistently on the coffee tables in the marital home’s living room and a perpetual smell of cigarette smoke inside the home as the petitioner/wife insisted on smoking inside the house constantly despite the consistent requests of the realtor to not do so.’

The allegations are the latest tit-for-tat in the warring couple’s bizarre 21-month divorce battle following a marriage that lasted just 16 months.

They are contained in a filing for another plea to the judge to hold Cevey in criminal contempt over her financial dealings since the split in December 2021.

She is also accused in the paperwork of selling off 180 luxury items worth about $250,000 belonging to Bates.

Many were possibly bought during shopping extravaganzas in Miami’s exclusive Design District shortly after their secret marriage in August 2020. 

Bates also alleged that his ex wife ‘disposed of approximately $250,000 in marital assets’ when she sold 180 of his items 

Cevey – who won a $47million pay out from Genesis legend Phil in their 2008 divorce – lavished Bates with gifts of clothes, watches and a leased $340,000 Aston Martin with the James Bond-style license plate TB 007.

Only months before she had been living with Collins in his $40million Miami Beach ocean front mansion after reuniting with him in 2016.

However, she blindsided Phil, 72, by moving into the palatial pad with Bates following the couple’s secret Las Vegas nuptials while the In The Air Tonight singer was abroad. She even hired security guards to keep the rocker out of his own home.

During that period, she and Bates routinely sped out of Collins’s gated mansion in her Bentley SUV for shopping trips, with Orianne dragging hard on a cigarette the moment she emerged from a store.

And the extensive list of items Bates claims have been sold by Cevey apparently reveal some of the contents of those expeditions. He alleges some were pre-marital.

His complaint includes:

  • Ogier ski suit ($5,000)
  • Ogier ski helmet ($2,500)
  • Tom Ford black leather and cashmere hoodie ($4,000)
  • Tom Ford leather Chelsea boots ($2,000)
  • Tom Ford button down Oxford shirt ($650)
  • Tom Ford lizard skin boots ($2,400)
  • Tom Ford, Tom Brady khaki jacket ($3,700)
  • Dior gold and teal button down shirt ($1,800)
  • Dolce and Gabbana black three-piece ‘Martini’ suit ($3,600)
  • Dolce and Gabbana white and black tracksuit ($1,200)
  • Dolce and Gabbana green t-shirt ($350)
  • Dolce and Gabbana blue jeans ($900)
  • Louis Vuitton orange sneakers ($1,300)
  • YSL brown biker books ($1,200)
  • Tom Ford diamond cufflinks ($16,000)
  • Chanel black sneakers (($1,200)
  • Tom Ford black overcoat ($10,000)
  • Givenchy black fur vest ($2,500)
  • Givenchy black blazer ($3,000)
  • Christian Louboutin snakeskin boots ($1,200)

The attorney then writes: ‘In addition the wife is now flagrantly selling, without permission of the court or the husband, marital furniture and furnishings which are potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. None of this has been disclosed to the husband.’

The couple – who had been living in Phil Collins’s Miami mansion in 2020 – moved into this six-bedroom waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale in 2021 before splitting later that year

Orianne and former tribute band musician Bates luxuriated in their new Fort Lauderdale pad together until he left shortly before divorce proceedings began in December 2021, leaving her to pay the bills

Cevey – who goes under the last name Collins Bates despite her divorce from Phil 15 years ago – is also accused of allowing the home to go into foreclosure because she didn’t make mortgage payments, in violation of a court order.

‘Because of the pending foreclosure, the wife sold the house for at least $1,000,000 under fair market value,’ says the paperwork.

The attorney begins the filing stating: ‘The petitioner/wife… has lived a lavish lifestyle throughout this litigation. All the while, she has starved her husband out financially.’

Cevey and Bates moved to the Fort Lauderdale pad after being turfed out of the Collins home by a judge in late 2020 following the rocker’s court action to have them evicted.

Their new place, complete with stunning pool, was bought through their O&T Holding LLC for $5.5million. Bates moved out in December 2021 after their tempestuous relationship reached breaking point, leaving Orianne to pay the bills.

A financial affidavit by Cevey earlier this year revealed it had outstanding loans on it of $4.6million.

She also revealed her monthly spending was $42,160.06. But she said her income was $4,816.76 – or $3,594.74 after taxes and deductions – therefore leaving her $38,565.32 adrift each month. exclusively revealed that Orianne had picked up Bates from a male escort site where he advertised himself as a ‘sexy intellectual’, with degrees in philosophy and political science.

Documents state Cevey eventually sold the home for at least $1million under market value 

But once she moved him into Phil’s mansion their fiery relationship saw her physically assault her new husband ‘on several occasions’ – once threatening to cut off his ‘private parts’, according to his filings in the divorce.

Bates was on the books of a company called Cowboys 4 Angels, using the name Ryan, while he was in Los Angeles, after moving from Florida to try to make it in the music business.

However he headed back to his home state when things didn’t work out as planned. It is understood the couple had their first meeting at an exclusive five-star hotel in Miami Beach.

On the Cowboys 4 Angels website, ‘Ryan in Los Angeles’ was touted as ‘the classic, charismatic Los Angeles gentleman, who is definitely guaranteed to exceed your expectations and show you an unforgettable experience!’

He was pictured sporting designer stubble and showing off his tanned six-pack with an open plaid shirt and with one hand behind his head.

‘Originally from the east coast, this sexy intellectual is well-educated, having obtained collegiate degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, further reinforcing his ability to thrive in social and formal situations requiring stimulating, impressive and thought-provoking conversation,’ continued the blurb.

‘Ryan currently works as a personal trainer and musician… some of Ryan’s main interests include art, fashion, traveling and live music.’

Bates’s previous legal team revealed how they first got together in answers to Orianne’s divorce petition.

‘At the time the parties met, husband was employed by an escort service,’ they wrote.

Cevey, who still uses her married name Collins, was married to British rock singer Phil Collins from 1999 to 2006. They are pictured together in 2016

Cevey, a Swiss national who is 23 years his junior, met Collins, her first husband, while working on the singer’s 1994 tour. They have two sons together, Matthew and Nicholas (pictured in 2018) 

‘The wife selected husband through the escort service and insisted on dating him. The parties’ relationship rapidly progressed into a meaningful romantic relationship. Wife persuaded husband to leave the escort service to marry her.

‘Husband moved from California to Florida on or about July 2020 and rented an apartment in Delray Beach, Florida. After the parties married, wife insisted that husband leave the sanctuary of his Delray apartment and move into the Collins residence in Miami with wife.

‘The wife clearly understood that husband’s life would be turned upside down and the husband and wife would be sued by Phil Collins once husband moved into the Collins residence.’

Bates claims he received the alleged threat to slice off his genitals after returning to the couple’s new Fort Lauderdale mansion from spending Thanksgiving 2021 with his parents at their home in nearby Lighthouse Point.

He arrived to find Orianne had ‘secretly removed’ his clothes and other possessions and he asked for them back.

‘Wife, who has a ferocious temper, threatened husband with bodily harm (by cutting off his private parts) when he asked for his clothes and personal property’, said his filing.

‘The wife, who has earned a 3rd degree black belt designation and is trained in boxing, previously physically assaulted husband on several occasions prior to separation. On one occasion, husband had to scream for the housekeeper to help him exit the house to avoid wife’s assault.

‘Husband voluntarily vacated the marital residence for his safety.’

Orianne’s previous attorneys have attacked Bates during the battle, writing: ‘The husband has not only syphoned funds from the wife, but the wife is now heavily encumbered and has limited cash flow. She has been relying on assets to meet expenses.’

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