Tyson Fury is slammed by fans while he hails Saudi leaders

Tyson Fury is slammed by fans for his ‘hypocritical’ moaning about a lack of ‘special treatment’ by UK government ahead of his huge clash with Francis Ngannou – while he hails Saudi leaders and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman

  • Boxing fans have slammed Tyson Fury ahead of his fight with Francis Ngannou
  • Fury claimed Saudi officials had treated him better than the UK government  
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Boxing fans have slammed Tyson Fury on social media after the WBC heavyweight champion hailed Saudi Arabian officials for treating him better than the UK government, ahead of his huge clash against Francis Ngannou. 

The fight will take place in Riyadh on Saturday, with the ‘Gypsy King’, who has an estimated £130million net worth, stepping back into the ring for the first time since he defeated Derek Chisora at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in December 2022. 

This will be the first time Fury has fought in Saudi in his career, and he lumped praise on the country’s officials, claiming that he has not received any thanks from the UK government for helping bring more money into the economy through his fights. 

‘We’re on about governments,’ Fury said to IFL TV. ‘Has the government ever given special treatment for the Gypsy King?’ ‘Absolutely nothing,’ the interviewer replies. 

Fury added: ‘Do they even get me through customs at Heathrow Airport, quicker than anybody else? Or do I wait for two hours in the queue?’ 

Tyson Fury has been slammed online by boxing fans after claiming that the Saudi officials have treated him better than the UK government

Fury (left) and Ngannou (right) will square off in a hotly anticipated crossover fight on Saturday

Fury had claimed that he had ‘never had one thank you letter from the UK government’ despite claiming he had helped to bring ‘hundreds of millions’ into the UK economy through his fights

‘No,’ the interviewer responds. 

‘Here, [Saudi Arabia] special treatment for the ‘Big G,’ the 35-year-old said.

‘Every single day. All day. Every day. Having teas with heads of government. Cups of teas.’ 

Eight months prior to his bout against Chisora, the Wythenshawe-born fighter had met Dillian Whyte at Wembley. 

But Fury added that while he had brought ‘hundreds of millions’ into the London economy through those fights, he had not received any gratitude from UK officials. 

‘I’ve never even had a thank you letter [from the UK government]. Nothing. I’ve never had a well done. 

‘The amount of money I’ve raised in London for the last two fights. I’ve probably brought, hundreds of hundreds of millions, I’ve brought to London. 

‘To Wembley, Tottenham and all the pubs, restaurants and bars. Put that back into the ecosystem. Never got one thank you for it. Here I’ve got governments very happy that I’m here. 

‘And it’s rare. It’s rare really because you come over here and you get treated like an absolute legend. And you go home and it’s just like “you owe us”. 

‘You don’t get any special treatment. You don’t get nothing. Turki Alalshikh, his excellency, I want to shout out all the Saudi government and the big boss himself, MBS [Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud].’

And fans have subsequently slammed fury for his comments, with one writing on X (formerly Twitter): ‘Tyson “man of the people” Fury is upset because he has to go through the same measures at immigration as everybody else in our country.’

Another added: ‘If Saudi is this good, why not sell up and move there?’ while another stated: ‘Cheers for fighting Tyson – [Rishi] Sunak.’

It’s been a busy week for both Fury and Ngannou, with the pair going toe-to-toe today during their weigh-in ahead of their crossover bout. 

Boxing fans have slammed Fury’s comments with some asking ‘why does he think he deserves special treatment?’

Ngannou, who is also known as ‘The Predator’, has a 17-3-0 record in the UFC and will swap the Octagon for the boxing ring for Saturday’s clash. 

While it’s still uncertain whether the bout will count towards both fighter’s professional records, Fury’s WBC heavyweight belt will not be on the line.

The ‘Gypsy King’ will also fight Oleksandr Usyk to unify the heavyweight belts after this weekends fight. 

But some fans were not happy with Fury’s comments to IFL TV, with another adding: ‘Why does he think he deserves special treatment?’

‘I love Tyson but his ego is out of control,’ said another. ‘Why would he want special treatment if he’s the self-proclaimed people’s champion?’ another added.  

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