Who is Oscar Piastri's girlfriend Lily Zneimer? | The Sun

OSCAR Piastri is one of the hottest up-and-coming stars in the world of motorsport.

Off the track he's been dating Lily Zneimer — here we take a look her life and relationship with the McLaren rookie.

Who is Oscar Piastri's girlfriend Lily Zneimer?

There isn't much in the way of verifiable information about Lily available, as she prefers to keep her private life out of the public domain.

Different outlets put her age at either 21 or 22, but there is no date of birth reported.

An F1 photographer stated that she is — or was — an engineering student.

Kym Illman said: "Oscar has been going out with Lily Zneimer for some years now.



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"Oscar introduced me to the British student in the paddock at the 2022 Australian GP when he was the Alpine reserve driver.”

"She's British, polite, quiet, classy and by the time you watch this, has probably graduated with a degree in engineering."

Zneimer and Piastri made their first public appearance together at the 2022 Autosprt Awards, where the Oscar won the Autosport Rookie of the Year Award for the second year running.

He posted a photograph of himself and Lily at the ceremony on Instagram and thanked those who voted for him, but didn't acknowledge her or tag her in the post.

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She also made an appearance at Oscar's first F1 drive — when he was the back-up driver for Alpine last year — and after the race was the first to hug Piastri alongside his mentor and manager Mark Webber.

After the race he said: "Having my girlfriend Lily here for the first time and attending my maiden Grand Prix in Melbourne with my pals makes me very pleased."

What does Lily Zneimer do for a living?

Although Lily has studied engineering, it seems she wants to get into the same business as her boyfriend in some capacity.

Kym Illman said: "She wants a job in F1 and with her contacts, I'd say she has a strong chance of that.

He added: "They are a delightful couple."

Is Lily Zneimer on social media?

Yes, Lily is on social media — but if you want to see her content, you may be in for a disappointment.

Although Lily is active on Instagram, her account is private.

It only has 48 posts to date.

How long have Oscar Piastri and Lily Zeimer been dating?

The Australian speedster likes to keep much of his private life out of the spotlight, but numerous pictures of him with Zneimer have appeared online.

The first photo of the couple was taken on a rainy day, with Piastri holding an umbrella.

But the racer was only holding the umbrella over his own head, making observers chuckle and creating an internet meme.

One person commented: "Bruh really didn't share that umbrella and meant it.”

The Formula One ace mentioned the duration of his relationship with Lily in an interview.

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Speaking to 9News while attending Wimbledon in July, he said: "We have been together for – I better get this right – about four and a half years now."

He added: "We keep it private."

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