Millions of UK homes offered ultimate broadband speed boost, check your postcode

BT, Sky and Virgin Media might be the biggest household names in the UK but one rival broadband firm clearly wants to make a dent in their subscribers. CityFibre has just announced that it is now offering superfast fibre downloads to around three million homes across the UK with some customers getting access to the web at speeds in excess of 2.4Gbps. At that rapid rate, it would take under 20 seconds to download a full HD movie – that’s over 30 times quicker than the current UK average.

Virgin, BT and Sky only offer speeds of around 1Gbps making CityFibre’s technology over twice as fast as its rivals.

CityFibre, which began building its network back in 2018, has confirmed that its network is now available in areas including Milton Keynes, Stirling, Peterborough Leeds, York, Newcastle and Coventry. That clearly can’t match the number of homes offered by the likes of BT and Virgin but anyone who fancies a change or is fed up with their current supplier should take a look and see if there are any alternatives.

To help customers find out if their homes are connected, CityFibre has a dedicated web page where users can tap in their postcode and find out if the cables are in their street.


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So-called Alt Networks continue to pop up all over the country with the team at Broadband Savvy recently putting together a league that shows the performance of these platforms, price and how many homes they supply access to.

Coming top of the pile is London’s Community Fibre which now supplies access to over one million properties across the capital. Community Fibre offers 1Gbps downloads for just £25 per month and promises that things will only jump by around 8% once the initial contract comes to an end.

Next up it’s Hyperoptic which now beams the web into over 1.1million UK properties. This company promises no price hikes during your contract with its 1Gbps speeds costing £45 per month.

CityFibre scored 6th place thanks to cheap prices which start from around £35 plus no in-contract hikes.

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Speaking about the latest upgrade, Greg Mesch, Chief Executive Officer at CityFibre, said: “We have made phenomenal progress this year, matching our performance from last year, and we on track to deliver another million ready for service homes to customers this year.

“With an infrastructure project of this size, we have successfully adapted as the market has changed and will continue to fine-tune our rollout in order to meet our targets moving forward. I’m delighted that thanks to our investment, 3m homes now have access to world class digital infrastructure and we look forward to connecting many more as our rollout progresses.”

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