Your iPhone will look inferior this week – Apple set to unveil something new

Your smartphone could soon look a little inferior if the latest whispers from California turn out to be true. Apple is holding a major launch on September 12 and it looks almost certain that a shiny new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro range will be unveiled to the world. Although Apple has revealed the date for the launch, the firm is of course being secretive about what will be included on these upgraded devices.

We won’t find out full details until 6pm BST on Tuesday evening but using the latest rumours we have a pretty reasonable idea about what’s to come including the end of the famous Lightning port.

Yes, it’s thought that Apple will ditch this popular way of refilling iPhones and replace it with USB-C. This means users will be able to charge their iPhones, laptops and tablets with just one cable – for those not aware, Apple already includes USB-C on MacBooks and iPads.

A recent EU ruling is forcing all tech firms to use the same USB-C port by the end of next year and it’s thought Apple has decided to make the switch sooner rather than later. 

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Along with charging, another big change could be coming to the iPhone 15 Pro’s design which will switch it from stainless steal over to titanium.

This should not only make things lighter but also stronger – that’s great news for anyone a little prone to accidents.

Other changes could include a much faster A17 Bionic processor, a screen that pushes closer to the edge of the device and cuts down on the bezels and a big improvement to the rear camera.

In fact, some rumours suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro will get a big boost to its zoom capabilities allowing owners to get closer to the action. This update would make a lot of sense, especially with Samsung being praised for its impressive lens of the Galaxy S23 Utra which offers users a 100X Space Zoom.

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New colours, bigger storage options and faster charging could also feature along with longer battery life.

Tuesday’s event won’t just be about the iPhone with it also expected that Apple will unveil some new Apple Watch models including a refreshed Ultra device.

There could also be updated AirPods which will get that USB-C charging port as well. 

Luckily there’s not long to wait until see what Apple has in store and will be in California to bring you all the news live as it happens so watch this space.

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