Your Samsung TV gets 4 blockbuster free new channels to watch today

If you own a Samsung TV there is good news if you want more things to watch. A major update from UKTV has just been announced which is bringing four new channels to screens across the UK. The best part is, they are totally free to tune into meaning you don’t have to sign up and subscribe to gain access.

All of the shows will be available via the Samsung TV Plus platform which features on all Samsung tellies launched after 2016.

Those who have a compatible TV in their living room will now get access to Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels including UKTV Play Heroes, UKTV Play Laughs, UKTV Play Full Throttle and UKTV Play Uncovered.

The broadcaster behind the service says the update will offer hours of extra entertainment, documentaries, comedy and more with many of the shows coming via platforms such as W, Dave and Yesterday.

How to update the software on your Samsung TV

If you don’t have a Samsung telly then don’t panic as the channels are also available via Pluto TV. You can tune into this service via the web, smartphones and devices including the Fire TV and Roku streamers.

All you have to do is download the free Pluto app from the correct App Store and you should be good to start watching in minutes.

It’s been confirmed that the four new channels will launch in the UK on Samsung TV Plus today, Wednesday 23rd August, and on Pluto TV on Thursday 24th August.

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Speaking about the update UKTV’s Jonathan Newman said: โ€œ FAST is a fantastic opportunity to reach new audiences with our rich content catalogue and showcase a wide array of genres across the four new channels. Thanks to the hard work of a group of passionate experts from across UKTV, our new FAST channels will be a valuable complement to the existing channel network and will help supercharge the UKTV Play streaming service by further extending its reach.โ€

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