‘Alien-looking creature’ invades home leaving family wanting to ‘burn house’

A strange-looking creature found outside a home in Australia saw the residents taking to the internet to ask what it was.

Initially, they mistook it for a piece of tree bark or leaves but then realised it was alive, describing it as “alien-looking.”

And they sought advice from the Reddit community to ask what it could possibly be and detailed how they “freaked out” when realising the leaves had a head.

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Despite Australia’s array of biodiversity, none of the respondents could immediately identigy it.

They wrote: “Just seen this alien thing outside my back door, it moves so it’s alive.

“Pen has been added for scale. Google came up with a dehydrated katydid and it looks nothing like that. Please help identify and should I burn my house down?

“I was freaked out when I saw its head. I thought it may attach but it moves very slowly.”

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One Reddit user replied: “It’s the thing outta Alien vs. Predator.”

Another user added: “Oh lord, I have one at my house too and I have been wondering what the actual f*** it was,” they wrote.

“Mine just looks like an innocent piece of bark until you see it move, it’s horrific.”

Eventually, experts weighed in to explain the situation. It was described as a case moth caterpillar.

These insects are commonly found along Australia’s eastern coast and are known for building homes from natural materials, providing protection as they go about their daily activities.

Despite their unusual appearance, case moth caterpillars are harmless. Their diet primarily consists of plants and lichens, and in certain species, they may seek food within ant nests.

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