Being a nosy parker will help humans to live longer, boffins claim

Being a nosy parker helps us live longer, boffins reckon. A Spanish study of people aged 100 or over found curiosity is an important trait for longevity and more vital than humour, optimism or faith.

So being busybodies like Cissie and Ada – played by comedians Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough – and Corrie’s Norris Cole may increase our chances of living longer.

The study by psychologists at Univ-ersidad Complutense de Madrid revealed: "Analysis of the life of healthy centenarians provides us with lessons that, in all probability, could help in achieving a healthy old age."

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"Be curious, travel and read. Curiosity is the zeal for knowing, travelling, being up-to-date. Stay intellectually active, finding new areas of knowledge and learning."

Scientists have also explained why time may slow down in near-death experiences. The brain begins to take into account dangers, and triggers a fight or flight response.

The Daily Star reported expert opinions on how time slowing down is a brain trigger. Professor Ruth Ogden from Liverpool John Moores University released a report suggesting potential damage and slowing down time could be something the brain actively does.

Professor Ogden's report confirmed "our brain processes time is closely related to the way in which it processes emotion. During heightened emotion, the activation caused by the brain attempts to maintain stability, which alters its ability to process time."

Fellow reports from Michael Flaherty confirmed the "passage of time can slow down" when experiencing a new event.

He wrote: "The perceived passage of time can slow down when we’re doing something new, such as learning a challenging skill or going on vacation to an exotic locale.

"Paradoxically, time is perceived to pass slowly in situations where there is almost nothing happening, or a great deal is happening. In other words, the complexity of the situation is either much higher or much lower than normal."

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