Bloke ‘kidnapped’ by runaway electric car had to ask cops to ram him off road

A man claims he was “kidnapped” by his own electric car – leaving him begging cops to ram the motor off the carriageway.

Brian Morrison, 53, says he was forced to dial 999 from inside his new car in a bid to stop the maniacal machine from taking him prisoner. The MG ZS EV, he claims, got stuck at 30mph in a ''catastrophic malfunction'' as he headed home from work on Sunday (October 1).

The Daily Star has contacted MG for comment on the incident, which saw police stop the motor by allowing it to crash slowly into their police van. From Glasgow, Brian even said that the car tried to keep going after it had crashed into the van.

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He said: “I realised something was wrong when I was coming up to a roundabout, and went to slow down – but it didn't do it. Then I heard a loud grinding noise that sounded like brake pads – but because it was such a new car I knew it couldn't be a problem with them.

"I managed to get around roundabout going at about 30mph, and then had long road ahead of me, so I assumed it would stop without me accelerating – but it didn't. I have mobility issues, so I couldn't even jump out – I was completely trapped inside the car going at 30mph. It might not sound like it is very fast, but when you have no control over the speed and you're completely stuck inside it's terrifying."

The terrifying incident, he says, saw him sandwiched between police vehicles as the bizarre convoy travelled along unable to slow down. He continued: “The car was just running away on its own, there was nothing I could do.

"When I dialled 999, they sent police to help and put some engineers on the line to try and solve the problem, and they were asking if it was a self-driving car. It was the first time that the call handlers had experienced the issue, and they had no idea what to do.

''So eventually three police vehicles arrived and were driving in front of me and behind me. I was 100% concentrating on my steering, so when a police van pulled up beside me and asked if I was Brian and if I was okay, I just yelled 'no I'm not, I can't stop'."

He says they tried throwing the key out of the window and even trying to turn the engine off by hitting the power button three times, but none of it worked.

Brian said: "After trying to shut the car down, my entire dashboard lit up with faults, and then it all went away after a second and just had a big red car symbol that said 'drive safely, stop driving immediately' or something. Eventually, I came up to a roundabout, which slowed the car down to about 15mph, and the police van was waiting for me on the other side.

"I went into the back of the van while it was moving, before they put on the brakes to stop me. After that, a police officer jumped into my car and did something which seemed to keep the car still.

"After I got out though, they tried moving their van and the car kept going – so they had to sit with the van there for ages until the RAC got there. I still have no idea what happened, but when the RAC got to me about three hours later he plugged in the car to do a diagnostic check and there were pages of faults.

"He said he had never seen anything like it, and decided he was not willing to turn the engine on to see what was wrong."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 10:35pm on Sunday, 1 October, we received a report of a driver unable to stop his electric car on the A803 heading towards Kirkintilloch. The car was travelling at a low speed and officers carried out a controlled halt with the aid of a police vehicle. There was no damage to either vehicle. The driver arranged for the vehicle to be recovered.”

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