Chef Tom Kerridge slammed for hiking posh ‘pound a chip’ fish and chips to £37

Chef Tom Kerridge has been criticised for hiking the price of his fancy fish and chips to a whopping £37. The TV chef faced backlash in June when he sold the classic dish, with about eight chips, at Harrods for a staggering £35.

Now, just four months later, he's bumped up the price of the Market Day Fish meal, despite previous criticism. Other menu items have also seen a price increase, including coleslaw and peas.

The fish is deep-fried in "Kerridge's gluten-free batter" and comes with "chips, Matson curry sauce, tartare sauce and pease pudding."

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He's also added an extra £1 to his Kerridge's Hand-cut triple-cooked chips – they used to be £8.50, now they're £9.50. This is the same new price for his Cornish new potatoes with herb butter which have also gone up by a pound.

His minted peas and hardcore slaw were both £7.50, but they're now both £8.50 each. Some items have seen a significant price hike, like a whole lobster – which was £65, and is now £80.

However, monkfish scampi has been reduced to just £42, rather than £49. Food lovers have criticised his Harrods prices, with one fuming: "What planet is he on, there is a cost of living crisis. Who can afford his prices?"

Another grumbled: "Better off doing your own", while another labelled it "too expensive". "Eight chips and a tiny thin bit of fish?", someone raged. "This is pretentious b***ocks."

Kerridge faced backlash when his new restaurant in the posh department store opened amid the cost-of-living crisis and chippies struggling due to rising energy bills and short supplies.

At the time, one online commenter said: "The whole of the UK is in a shambles financially… But £35 for a scrawny bit of fish and 7/8 chips is fine… Oh and the thimbles of sauce."

Another said: "That's over a quid a chip!"

The chef, who has two Michelin stars, runs eight restaurants including the Hand of Flowers and The Coach both in posh Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

He previously defended the cost of his dish, then £35, for the fact the chips were "individually cut up by a person".

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