Delivery rider’s unthinkable act that turned customer’s stomach caught on CCTV

A delivery rider was branded 'disgusting' for appearing to pour spilt soup from a plastic bag back into its container.

Asia One reported that the worried driver did the unthinkable in a bid to avoid getting penalised for spilt food by his employer in Singapore. However, the unlucky rider was caught on the homeowner's CCTV.

The homeowner, called Wendy, spoke to Stomp and said: "I noticed the soup stain rings at the staircase and checked the CCTV footage."

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"It's unhygienic and totally disgusting," raged Wendy as the footage shows the bloke pouring the spilt soup back into the container from the plastic bag and the top of another container.

"Did the restaurant not pack properly, is that why it spilt or did the delivery guy drop it?

"Either way, he should have explained to the customer and left it to the customer to file a complaint with the restaurant or delivery company."

Wendy, who said the bloke had a Deliveroo bag, said she stopped ordering from such companies because of incidents like this.

"The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) really needs to make a rule that food boxes have seals or stickers so that one knows if their covers have been opened," she said.

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"Covid-19 should have made us all more aware of the need for good hygiene but it seems good hygiene is going downhill."

In another video, believed to come from the Philippines, a GrabFood delivery rider was banned after he was caught sipping on a drink a customer had ordered from McDonald's.

The customer had ordered a 'Milo' drink and said the mouthpiece was wet when he received it.

"I don't know if it's saliva or sweat, or a combination of that and like spilled Milo but that s*** was nasty," he said.

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