El Chapo’s ‘violent’ and ‘irrational’ son – unlikely companion and drunk rage

The son of infamous drug kingpin El Chapo never leaves his house without his pet dog, it has been revealed.

The vast majority of the world knows about Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, but the lives of his sons are less well known, especially that of Alfredo Guzman Salazar. Salazar was arrested in January of this year as part of a bust of the Los Chapitos gang – led by four of El Chapo's 11 sons.

The siblings assumed more power following their father's third and final arrest. Little is known about Alfredo, who has kept a low profile compared to his siblings, other than that the US indicted him alongside Ovidio for conspiring to traffic drugs in 2019.

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However, it has now been revealed that he has a dog called Blue, and he won't go anywhere without him. According to another son, Damaso Lopez Serrano – a musician – speaking to Milenio newspaper, the bloke is also “irrational” and “violent”.

He said, of his 37-year-old brother: “When he is in his five senses he is normal violent, but when he is drunk he is violent on another level, he is like someone crazy that you can't control. Alfredo seems to show no compassion even towards members of his own family.

“Once, he came yelling at my pilot, yelling at my musicians… there was a balcony from where you could see all of Culiacán and he went to put a glass and took the gun from the living room to shoot into the glass.

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“Despite his violent and erratic behaviour, Alfredo takes his dog Blue, a mini Pomeranian that has become his constant companion, everywhere he goes. Interestingly, the love and care he shows towards his pet contrasts drastically with his aggressive attitude towards others.”

United States officials have placed a whopping £9million reward for information leading to his arrest on his head.

They state: “On April 6. 2023, a federal arrest warrant for Jesus Alfredo Guzmán Salazar was issued in the Northern District of Illinois for Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance, Running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, and Money Laundering (U.S. CODE 21 USC 846, 21 USC 848, and 18 USC 1956.)

“Guzmán Salazar is a fugitive and is known to possess firearms. He should be considered armed and dangerous.”

His current whereabouts are unknown . . . except to the dog.

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