Europe’s ‘Little Britain’ where there’s almost just as many expats as locals

The quaint French town of Eymet has become an unexpected hub for British expatriates seeking refuge from the uncertainties of Brexit.

Despite the challenges posed by the 2016 Brexit vote, this charming French town has witnessed a remarkable influx of optimistic young Britons, drawn by the promise of an idyllic life under the sun-drenched skies of the Dordogne region.

One of the driving forces behind this surge in British interest is the unique blend of familiarity and exotic allure that Eymet offers.

Jackson Groves, founder of Journey Era, expressed his optimism about the younger generation’s enthusiasm for embracing life in Eymet.

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He told “Beyond the lovely buildings, landscapes, and gentle climate, the world has been in flux since the 2016 Brexit vote, sowing uncertainty about Brits buying homes or relocating to France.

“Yet it’s propelled many young optimistic Brits towards embracing life here. They see towns like Eymet not just as investments, but as promises of an idyllic French life.”

Indeed, the worries that once loomed over older British expats concerning exchange rates and post-Brexit living in France have not deterred the younger generation.

Instead, they view Eymet as an opportunity to secure their own havens, undeterred by the clouds of uncertainty. French real estate agents have keenly observed this trend, noting a surge in British buyers who remain unfazed by Brexit woes.

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Carl Broadbent, founder of Travel Spock, highlighted the fascinating cultural fusion that defines Eymet.

He told “What really intrigued me was the prominent English presence! You’ll hear English commonly spoken around town, creating an endearing blend of British and French lifestyles.

“This cultural fusion gives Eymet an unexpected charm, and is a big reason I’ve returned multiple times. Not just the town, but also the surrounding vineyards and enchanting Dropt Valley offer a taste of peaceful French countryside.”

Eymet’s enduring appeal lies not only in its historical charm and scenic beauty but also in its ability to provide a sanctuary for those seeking a harmonious blend of British comforts and French allure.

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