Hamas terrorist who paraded Shani Louk's body through Gaza 'is killed'

Hamas terrorist who paraded Shani Louk’s body through Gaza ‘has been killed’, rabbi claims

  • Shani Louk was shot dead by Hamas gunmen who paraded body through Gaza
  • Her mother reportedly told rabbi the terrorist who paraded her killed by IDF  

The Hamas terrorist who paraded festivalgoer Shani Louk’s body through Gaza has been killed by Israel, a rabbi has claimed.

The mother of Shani, 23, who was shot dead by Hamas terrorists on October 7, reportedly told a leading rabbi that the terrorist who paraded her body through Gaza on the back of a truck was killed by Israeli forces.

The tattoo artist’s family spent weeks believing that Shani had been kidnapped from the Nova electronic festival in southern on October 7 by Hamas terrorists – before Israeli soldiers confirmed she had been killed after they found fragments of her skull on October 30. 

During those harrowing three weeks, Shani’s family had to contend with seeing a disturbing video, where the 23-year-old’s half-naked body was splayed in the back of a struck, surrounded by terrorists and jeering crowds who spat on her.

Now it has emerged that the terrorist who paraded Shani’s body in front of jeering crowds was killed by Israel, according to a rabbi who claims he spoke to her mother Ricarda. 

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said Ricarda had told him that the IDF had killed the ‘monster’ who had his legs over Shani’s body in the back of the truck while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’. 

The Hamas terrorist (believed to be the man sat down on the left) who paraded festivalgoer Shani Louk’s body through Gaza has been killed by Israel, a rabbi has claimed

Ms Louk, 22, was kidnapped from Israel to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the festival near Kibbutz Re’im. Hamas gunmen took at least 239 hostages and killed about 1,400 people during the dawn raid 

Ms Louk’s motionless body was paraded by Hamas gunmen after the festival attack in Israel. It was unclear if she was alive in the video, although her mother later stated that she was alive and being held in a Gaza hospital

Boteach said in video posted on Twitter: ‘Yesterday, Ricarda Louk revealed to us, she said it so quietly and with such dignity, that the IDF had killed the monster, targeted and killed that savage Hamas monster who had his legs over her naked body, screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he paraded her body around Gaza City. 

‘The man is now roasting in hell where he belongs. And that will be the fate of all the Hamas monsters, thank you IDF.’

Shani’s brother Amit Louk, 20, revealed earlier this month his ‘whole family crashed’ when they saw the abducted festivalgoer being paraded by Hamas terrorists on a truck where they were ‘spitting on her like she was nothing’.

Amit Louk, 20, said he was horrified to watch the video of his sister lying motionless and half-naked in the back of a truck, with one leg at an unnatural angle, while being surrounded by four terrorists shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’. 

The last time he had heard from Shani was on the phone, as she frantically tried to escape the Nova electronic festival near Kibbutz Re’im in her car on October 7 as Hamas gunmen shot at anyone they saw.

‘She said we’re leaving right now, don’t worry,’ Amit told Sky News. ‘But the terrorists were waiting on the road.’ 

Shani’s family have since said that within minutes of Shani and her friends trying to escape, they were met by Hamas terrorists who shot at the vehicle, killing the 23-year-old ‘instantly’. 

Shani had been dancing at the music event along with her friends on October 7, not noticing the black-clad paragliders descending on the fields surrounding the festival with their grenades and machine guns.

But the young revellers soon heard the sound of air raid sirens and saw the rockets streak overhead. 

Shani’s father Nissim said earlier this month they were told by Israeli soldiers they had found Shani’s skull and she had been killed ‘on the spot’ by Hamas terrorists as she fled the festival in her car with friends. 

For Mr Louk, that has provided some sense of solace – to know that his daughter isn’t suffering unknown horrors at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Nissim and Ricarda Louk, the parents of Shani Louk, 22, are photographed in their home in Srigim-Li On, Israel, last Tuesday

Shani Louk (right) is pictured alongside her cousin

Shani was killed by Hamas terrorists before her body was paraded through Gaza City  

‘It is very hard as a father, but on the other hand I am happy,’ Mr Louk told Piers Morgan Uncensored. ‘Why am I happy? At least I know she is dead, I know she was dancing all night before and she was having the time of her life… she is not suffering. 

‘I don’t want to think what they are doing to these beautiful girls that are in Gaza. It is crazy. They are psychopaths, they are sadistic people, the whole world has seen it.’ 

Mr Louk added: ‘Sometimes it is better to know your daughter is dead and she didn’t suffer… it gave me some peace and some peace of mind. It is very, very difficult.’

The nightmare that Mr Louk had been living has now evolved into a new one. Shani’s parents and siblings – Amit, 20, Or, 14, and Adi, 25 – are unable to bury her because they only have skull fragments.

Mr Louk said: ‘I hope for the sake of the world, that it will not happen to anyone in the world what we have experienced because it is difficult for a father to bury a child. 

‘At the moment we don’t have even the body, because they took the body and I don’t want to think what they did to the body.’

The heartbroken father said he believes his daughter is now ‘a symbol’ for the horrors Hamas terrorists inflicted on the 1,400 Israelis they massacred. 

‘I think my girl was the symbol because she looked so beautiful and pure and so nice in the newspapers,’ Mr Louk said. ‘And on the other side of the newspaper, you could see how the Hamas terrorists, in a sadistic, crazy and brutal way, threw her in the back of a pickup when her legs were broken and a wound on her head.’

Shani’s mother Ricarda said two weeks ago that seeing the video of her daughter’s lifeless body in the back of that truck, surrounded by jeering terrorists who spat on her, was like living through a ‘horror movie’.

‘If you saw the video, you can imagine how I felt,’ Ricarda said. ‘You feel like you’re in a horror movie, when you see your own daughter being transported like this by those barbarian people and everybody celebrating and spitting on her. 

‘It’s like you’re in a bad movie and you want to wake up. It’s devastating.’

Video shows a smiling Shani, who loved to travel according to her family, dancing at the music festival moments before she was captured by the terrorists

Ricarda and Nissim had believed Shani was still alive at that point after receiving messages from a source saying she was being treated in hospital for a head injury. 

For weeks, Ricarda, bolstered by the hope her daughter was alive, and her family urged the German government to intervene. But on Monday, ‘we got the news that she died,’ Ricarda said after soldiers knocked on their door. 

Amit said: ‘When you see soldiers in the house, you know it’s bad news.’ But the 20-year-old said he feels some relief to know that Shani was killed instantly and that unlike many other families in Israel, he knows where she is and that ‘she’s not suffering anymore’. 

For Shani’s family, they say they will remember her for her happiness, how much she loved music, with her little brother Amit describing his sister as an ‘angel’. 

Amit said: ‘She loved music. She loved tattoos. She was an artistic person by nature… In the way she was talking and the way she was moving. In the way she danced. There was no dark side, only pure angel.’ 

Shani is now among the 270 people massacred by Hamas terrorists at the festival, where survivors described how the gunmen went ‘tree by tree’ executing victims. 

Survivors of the attack posted clips of the ordeal to social media, showing how they were forced to hide under bushes and record hushed farewell messages to their loved ones as they watched victims get killed one by one.

Many lay still in sheer terror for more than five hours before they heard the sound of armed rescuers speaking in Hebrew.

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