Horror moment hero Brit throws back 7 Hamas grenades before 8th kills him

A Brit-Israeli soldier in Israel threw back seven grenades before the eighth killed him, gut-wrenching footage has shown.

Aner Shapiro, 22, was killed in action fighting against Hamas during the October 7 incursion that saw members of the terrorist organisation spill over the border and attack Israeli settlements. He had been at the horror music festival massacre that shocked the world, and in his bid to defend his friends is reported by the Sun to have caught seven grenades with his hands and thrown them back at the attackers.

Some 30 people are understood to have been taking shelter inside a structure where Aner was. His mother has since said that he stood near the entrance, throwing those bombs back out to protect those inside.

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“He stood at the entrance and threw the grenades out and he managed to save so many people,” she said. Footage of the roadside shelter, shared by South First Responders, shows cars parked outside as gunmen swarm around the entrance.

They take turns to throw the grenades inside, but footage shows a number of them flying back out. The gunmen can also be seen shooting in to the shelter.

Some of the grenades explode just outside the door. One even sent the Hamas fighters running for cover, although it is not known whether any were injured by the bombs.

However, at the end of the deeply upsetting scenes, there is a blast in the doorway that is understood to have caught Aner. The outlet reports that it exploded in his hands.

Speaking on Tuesday (November 14), South First Responders said: “Shapiro eventually died of wounds sustained while holding off the terrorists, as he fought to save the lives of his fellow party-goers. Some of those he shielded survived the shelter attack to tell his heroic story.”

After the attack, his grandmother spoke to Sky News, saying: “When they [Hamas] started throwing grenades into the shelter, he said 'I'm going to throw them back and if I miss one you do the rest of the work.’ He stood there and threw back one grenade after the other.

"From what his friends told us he managed to throw back about seven grenades, and then the last one exploded in his hands. The people who survived started calling us after they found out who his family was and one after the other said ‘he saved our lives’."

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