I pulled my kids from school because I HATE how all they do is watch videos all day… I know what's best for them | The Sun

FUMING mums pulled their kids from school as they claim all the teachers do is plonk them in front of videos.

Lynda Hamilton Parker and Tyler Jones are not afraid to take their kids on holiday during term time because they know "what's best" – and it's not "watching Madagascar, again" in the classroom.

Lynda, a mum-of-four,is a strong believer in travelling when prices are cheaper.

Every parent will know flight costs are massively jacked up during half-terms, as well as Easter, summer and Christmas holidays.

In fact, Sun Online Travel previously revealed how flight prices can increase by as much as £400 during the school breaks.

And in past years, holidays have been up to nine times more expensive during half term.

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But, Lynda has no problem beating the school holiday travel rush and is openly planning on taking her kids to Spain next year.

She told the Telegraph: “I believe they learn as much, if not more, from these experiences.

“Good parents should have the ability to decide what’s best for their own children." 

Parents who take their children out of school for this reason can be slapped with some hefty fines – but this mum-of-four doesn't care.

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Meanwhile, fellow parent Tyler Jones agreed, and said going on holiday can prove to be more educational.

“All they seem to do at school in the last week of term is watch videos, and travelling seems like a more culturally enriching experience,” she said.

The mum explained she took her son to Galicia, in Spain and he learned all about the language, cuisine and history.

“We went to see the tomb of St James and learned about the pilgrims, went wild swimming, learned to fish, saw a sky of stars," she continued.

"All in all a deeper and broader education than sitting in a classroom watching Madagascar, again.”

However, James Bowen, assistant general secretary of the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT), warned parents not to make the same choices.

The NAHT assistant general secretary said "regular attendance really does matter" and extended term-time breaks are "not ideal".

While he appreciated the "great value in families having holidays together", it could lead to major gaps in children's learning.

"It can also pose challenges for the teacher who then has to help pupils to catch up," James continued.

Although, the expert did agree "outrageous" school holiday prices should be reviewed by the Government.

"Until they do, many families will continue to feel between a rock and a hard place," he added.

This comes as a dad has slammed his children's school after he received a £480 fine for taking his kids on holiday during term time.

Paul Benson and his wife Jessica were slapped with the penalties after taking their children Ruby and George to Florida.

Meanwhile, a mum saved almost £10,000 by taking her kids away during term time – and will do it again this year.

Rachel Smith, 33, takes her two children Brayden, 11, and Elianna, nine, out of school every year during term time to go abroad.

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Plus, parents who were fined an eye-watering £720 for taking their kids on holiday said they have no regrets.

Wesley Joyce, 42, from Worcester, took his children Jai-Jai, Cleo and Hallie on a ten-day all-inclusive trip to Turkey during their school term and paid the price.

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