Is Peckham shopkeeper at centre of 'refund row' viral vid re-opening?

Is Peckham shopkeeper at the centre of the ‘choking a woman in refund row’ viral video preparing to re-open his shop? New footage shows man removing protest signs plastered over shop front

  • Sohail Sindho, 45, went into hiding following the viral video and public reaction 

The shopkeeper at the centre of the ‘throttling’ controversy in his London shop could be preparing to reopen his business – after a figure was spotted cleaning the front.

Sohail Sindho, 45, went into hiding following the viral video which showed him grappling with a female customer in his Peckham Hair and Cosmetics store.

But now further footage has emerged suggesting he may be preparing to fling open his business’s doors again.

They have been shut since the incident last month, but the latest video shows a masked figure taking protest posters off the shop frontage.

He briefly appears uncovered but looks to be a different person to Mr Sindho.

But the person taking the video believed it was him and said on the video last night: ‘I suppose he thinks he’s going to open up tomorrow.’ 

Mr Sindho was shown in the viral video appearing to grab a shopper around the neck as she tries to free herself by hitting him with the shopping basket 

A figure could be seen taking down the posters and notes that had been put on the shop

The footage was taken by a passerby then uploaded to the social media platform TikTok

Mr Sindho sat down to give his side of the row to MailOnline last month.

He showed scars to his right eye and his shoulder which he said were the result of the woman hitting him with a shopping basket.

He revealed he had separated from his wife and three sons and taken them out of school while angry crowds continued to congregate outside his shop.

‘If it wasn’t for my wife and three children I would walk right to the shop and out to the street and talk to the people, because I am very sorry about what happened,’ he said.

Sohail Sindho, 45, spoke to MailOnline at his secret hideout, where he has taken refuge from angry protesters, following the viral video which shows him grappling with a female customer 

‘I want them to know that I was only trying to restrain her. I didn’t mean to put my hands around her throat, and it was only for a few seconds.

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‘I do agree that I should not have done that. But I was trying to protect myself as she was hitting me as the video shows.

‘Some people have said that it might have been racial because I am Pakistani and she is a black lady. That is absolutely not the truth.

‘I want you to know that 99 percent of my customers are people of colour. They are like my family. I don’t know what being racist means.

‘I live and work in a multicultural place, and I am happy here and so are my family.’

He revealed his shock at the video of him confronting the woman going viral after being posted on social media. He received a call from a friend and then the threats started.

The woman he grappled with, like Mr Sindho, has been interviewed by police and released on bail.

The shop owned by Mr Sindho in Rye Lane Peckham, South London, which has seen demonstrations after a video of him appearing to put his hands around a woman’s neck went viral

Growing anger over the clip on social media led to calls for residents to boycott the shop

He said the whole matter rested on three wigs worth £7.99 each which the lady wanted to have a refund on.

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But he pointed out to her that her receipt clearly showed no refunds were available, but he had offered her an exchange.

He said he had received hate calls from as far as America with people threatening his life.

But he said: ‘When the police came and they took her away, I told them I did not want her to be charged.

‘It was all a heat of the moment thing, nothing more than that.

‘I am hoping that I can meet with her and we can shake hands and reach a peaceful conclusion.

‘I have two college degrees and am not a simple man. I have friends from as far as China and I don’t see people’s colour. You could say that I am colour blind.’

He said he believed activists were ‘inflaming’ the situation and he hoped he could soon be allowed out of hiding.

Asked what would happen to his business, he held his head in his hands and said: ‘I don’t know. I just want peace and to know my family are going to be safe.’

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