Lord Cameron vows to 'break the chain of suppliers' to Putin's war

Lord Cameron vows to ‘break the chain of suppliers’ to Putin’s ‘despicable’ invasion of Ukraine with new sanctions

Britain has unveiled new sanctions against arms suppliers in a bid to stop Russia mounting another offensive against Ukraine.

In recent months Vladimir Putin has militarised Russia’s economy with startling results, including a reported sevenfold increase in tank production.

Such increases in Russia’s military capability could render Ukraine vulnerable to further mass assaults by Kremlin forces thereby prolonging the conflict.

The fresh sanctions come as support for Ukraine among Western allies appears to flag.

The UK and other states have provided weapons and equipment worth tens of billions of pounds and undoubtedly these aid packages have prevented Russia taking over the country.

But after almost two years of fighting it appears Ukraine will be unable to remove the remaining Russian forces from its territory. As a result, pressure is mounting on its government to agree to peace talks.

Speaking exclusively to the Mail, the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said the sanctions would break Putin’s ‘international chain of suppliers’ and punish those who are ‘illicitly funding’ Russia’s war machine.

A tank T-64 drives by in Novoselivka Persha after driving out of Avdiivka, Ukraine, on December 4

Forty six new sanctions were unveiled today, targeting individuals and manufacturers in states such as Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

By including companies operating in these states, the UK has now taken action against more than 30 third-country entities which are aiding Russia.

The UK is also targeting entities which support the Wagner paramilitary network and Russia’s so-called ‘shadow fleet’ of commercial shipping vessels.

Lord Cameron said: ‘No matter the lengths Putin goes to fuel his illegal invasion, we will meet every desperate move with strength, resilience and unity.

‘Together will our allies, we will break his international chain of suppliers, block attempts to evade sanctions and stop those who are illicitly funding the Kremlin’s despicable actions.

‘These sanctions will disrupt Putin’s ability to leverage international networks for his own gain. We are hitting his war effort where it hurts. Putin and his backers are outmatched.

‘The UK will not let up our economic pressure until Putin removes every last military boot from Ukrainian soil.’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, left, speaks with Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron in Kyiv, Ukraine, on November 15ย 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spoke to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky last week to reassure of Britain’s support.

However, the UK government’s ยฃ2.3 billion military aid package runs out in March 2024 and there has been no announcement that it will roll over for another 12 months.

Weapons stockpiles in the UK and in other NATO states are perilously low after gifting billions of pounds of military aid to Kyiv.

Today’s sanctions package includes 31 individuals and entities linked to production of drones and missiles, in particular suppliers of electronic components. The UK is sanctioning directors of these companies and their immediate family members.

These include the JSC Display Design Bureau based in Belarus, AVIO CHEM, a Serbian company said by Britain to have supplied aircraft parts to Russia and Turkey’s Smart Trading Limited, said to have supplied western electronics to Russia. Three Chinese companies have also been targeted.

Four UAE-based oil companies are also being sanctioned. They are said to have used opaque corporate structures to circumvent existing sanctions on Russian oil exports.

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