Man 'rows with firefighter as he parks on double yellow lines'

Fans say man caught rowing with firefighter as he parks on double yellow lines to block fire station entrance while crew tries to answer 999 call is British rapper famed for his Jamaican patois-style rhymes

  • Fans have said the man in the video is famous British rapper M Dot R 
  • Clip was filmed by local and uploaded online on Sunday showing the altercation
  • Driver was with children and argued with firefighters about where he’d parked  

Fans have said that a man who was caught rowing with a firefighter after he blocked a fire station entrance is a famous British rapper. 

A video has emerged of a driver, who people believe to be M Dot R, real name Moses Robert McGeorge, in a heated debate with firemen in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, after he parked on double yellow lines. 

The clip, which was filmed by a local, appears to show the man standing by the door to the driver’s seat of a silver Vauxhall Astra alongside four children as he is mid-debate with a fireman. 

The vehicle was parked outside the fire station, appearing to block in a fire truck which had its blue lights on. 

Two firemen seem to be attempting to leave the fire station to respond to an emergency as one of them argues with the driver. 

A man got into a heated debate with firefighters (pictured) in Kent after he parked in front of a fire station entrance on double yellows

People have said the man in the clip is M Dot R (pictured), real name Moses Robert McGeorge

One fireman can be heard telling the supposed rapper to ‘go away’ as part of a demand to move his car, to which he angrily responds: ‘I’m going out the way.’

The children climb into the car, with the alleged rapper as the fireman said: ‘Go away. You’re an idiot.’

People can be heard behind the camera discussing the situation, saying: ‘F*****g p***k, what is he doing?’

The man then throws his car into reverse and backs up out of the way.

As soon as the silver car moved out of the way, the fire engine turned its siren on and rushed out of the station.

M Dot R has gained an online following for his use of Jamaican Patois – particularly in his freestyle raps.

The local posted the video to social media on Sunday and tagged the musician in the caption.

As soon as the silver car moved out of the way, the fire engine turned its siren and lights on and rushed out of the station

One of the firemen tells the man to ‘go away’ and points his finger before the alleged rapper angrily shouts ‘I’m going out the way’

The man then reversed the silver Vauxhall Astra down the road to move it out of the way for the firefighters to get their truck out 

The clip has quickly gained over 28,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments from users left astonished by the shocking parking and demeanour. 

Another replied: ‘They should be allowed to push any vehicles out the way that [are] blocking them.’

A fifth wrote: ‘That’s terrible, anyone that has this intentional abusive attitude towards the emergency services should have their licence revoked.’

MailOnline has contacted M Dot R’s management for comment. 

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