Meghan Markle’s job title on Archie’s birth certificate is what she does now

The job title of Meghan Markle, which stunned Royal Family fans when they first saw it, remains the same as it does today, despite the royal departure.

Beady-eyed fans of the family may remember the Duchess of Sussex's role, spotted on the documents relating to the birth of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, now aged four.

But a clear registry document for the birth of the youngster showed the Duke of Sussex and Duchess had specific roles they were tied to despite their occupations as Sussex representatives.

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Even after their departure from the Royal Family back in March 2020, the duo held onto their roles, meaning Meghan Markle's job has never changed.

Etched on the birth certificate of the duo's eldest child is the "Prince of the United Kingdom" title for Prince Harry, and Meghan has a similar role.

Her "Princess of the United Kingdom" occupation stunned some at the time as it proved different to her title role, which she still holds to this day.

But beyond the Duchess duties, Meghan also holds firm as a Princess of the United Kingdom, three years on from leaving the family and moving on to new projects.

All that has changed for the document is the address of the Duke and Duchess, who upped sticks and headed to Meghan's hometown of California.

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Royal protocol decrees Meghan is indeed a princess, although she does not choose to use the title in public, opting instead for the Duchess of Sussex role.

The role comes from her marriage to Prince Harry, with their union in 2018 meaning Meghan's official title is Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales.

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