Russia confused as ‘100 aircraft alerts’ sent by internet trolls over Moscow

Russia has been left completely baffled after around 100 aircraft alerts were seemingly sent by internet trolls directly over Moscow.

X user “Bhx_Bocaj” (@BocajLmao) took to the social media platform to share a graphic of dozens of aircraft colored in red that appear to have been sending the signals below to nearby air traffic control.

The account wrote: “About a HUNDRED planes over/close to Moscow squawking 7700, the emergency code.

“I presume this isn’t a glitch, Could it be the ATC telling planes to test their squawking? Weird either way.”

Air traffic tracker Flightradar24 has now taken to X to clarify the confusing situation.

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It wrote: “We are aware of some erroneous signals in the Moscow area indicating multiple aircraft squawking 7700.

“This is caused by individuals spoofing aircraft position data.

“Our team is working on a resolution for this issue.

Several people – many of whom were confused by the initial situation – took to X to reply to the update from Flightradar24.

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One wrote: “Thank goodness. I thought WW3 was starting because the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations plane was in the air too.”

A second person said: “Glad you clarified that. I thought something major was happening.”

A Squawk 7700 code from a flying aircraft indicates an emergency of any kind, according to the California Aeronautical University.

Pilots may input it into the transponder themselves โ€“ or when instructed to do so by Air Traffic Control – and as a result ground control will know that the aircraft is dealing with a serious issue and needs help.

The code could be used when there are mechanical or technical problems, and may also be used to alert of medical issues.

When the aircraft approaches its destination airport, those on the ground can be prepared by clearing the runway and having all emergency services on standby.

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