‘Spooky’ gimp sighting caught on video days after trick-or-treat terror

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    A bloke captured eerie footage of a 'gimp' running around his home town just days after it was seen terrorising trick or treaters.

    The creepy figure was allegedly seen scaring locals around an estate in Gloucestershire on Halloween (Oct 31) while families were taking their kids trick or treating. But the 'spooky' figure has since been seen again after he was captured on video on November 1.

    Twigworth resident Roger Sansil captured the eerie sight on film. He was out walking his dog when the 'gimp' ran past him and his wife. After reading about the Halloween incident earlier, he found the encounter "spooky" and decided to share the video with Gloucestershire Live

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    Another local resident, Joe Shengles, also reported a sighting of the gimp. He said: "I was minding my own business on Halloween night, and was walking back home from getting the bus, I live at Bloor Homes."

    He continued: "As I was walking back at around 10pm, a black figure, either a demon or a guy in a full black gimp suit, jumped out of the bush and said something like 'Zoo Wee Mama'. That's what I think I heard, but it makes little sense to me and I am unsure what it means."

    Joe added: "I looked it up shortly after arriving home and found it was from a book called 'Diary Of The Wimpy Kid'. I don't have any photos as the perpetrator ran away and I was quite startled and stupidly didn't think to get my phone out."

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    The identity of the Gloucester gimp remains unknown. Gloucestershire Constabulary have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.

    It's thought that the person in the skintight black bodysuit could be imitating the Somerset gimp, who terrorised locals for years before being caught. This week, Joshua Hunt, 32, was found guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court of two offences under the Public Order Act of causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress, the Daily Star previously reported.

    The unusual incidents for which Hunt was convicted took place on the evening of May 7 and shortly after midnight on May 9 at Bleadon near Weston-super-Mare. Hunt was fined £100 and ordered to pay £200 compensation to each of his three victims and £620 prosecution costs.

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