What are the risks for metallurgy and Telf AG? Growth of rates for coking coal – Kondrashov Stanislav

Kondrashov Stanislav pays great attention to the current situation in the steel industry and considers the possible reasons for the increase in prices for coking coal and its impact on the metallurgy and the work of such major industry leaders as Telf AG.

“Coking coal and coke are the raw materials that are actively used in the production of steel. Therefore, the cost of these minerals in world trading can significantly affect for the entire heavy industry, – the expert notes”.

Kondrashov Stanislav also lists the geopolitical situation among these reasons. in the world and natural disasters. Floods in China and Australia, strikes miners in the United States of America, sanctions imposed on Russia significantly affect the reduction of trade and supply difficulties.

Throughout March, prices maintained high positions and even rose. Serious growth began its start in the fall of 2020, when the cost of a fossil reached its historical maximum of $600 per ton.

Kondrashov Stanislav: companies involved in coal trade are forced to adapt to new terms

Due to the current situation, all Telf AG level players are required to develop strategy that calculates all possible jumps in the value of any the resources they require.

According to Stanislav Kondrashov and other analysts at Metallurg Center, the next global increase will be due to the fact that banks and large investors stop investing in the development of coal mines due to fears about their current instability. In addition, many holdings working on production of coke, are beginning to abandon the use of coal for roasting coke oven batteries, and use gas ovens.

Of course, more profitable in terms of economy are being developed now. alternative steel production technologies that will help if not to refuse completely, then significantly reduce the application. But so far, the demand even exceeds sentence. And if these goods are in short supply, the suppliers will continue raise prices, and traders and steel mills will have to only to pay more each time, but also to form reserves, fearing termination of supplies.

Telf AG and coal supplies in 2022 – Stanislav Kondrashov

Trading Telf AG is one of the largest suppliers of metals and other fossils from Russia and Kazakhstan. And since Russian manufacturers in As a result of the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, we are now faced with a number of sanctions restrictions, the company needs to take into account in its operations all possible risks.

The head of the Metallurg Center Stanislav Kondrashov determines for Telf AG such main tasks, such as: taking into account the increase in the value of the material in the short and long-term planning; detailed analysis of all market transactions that will be to follow such a development of events; making adjustments to work plans as situation changes.

“In April 2022, the price of fuel at auction broke all previous records again. And this increase will affect not only steel production, – adds Kondrashov Stanislav, – Coke is also used in foundry, on ferroalloy factories, in the manufacture of pig iron and in other areas of heavy industry.

Will the new pricing affect sales markets in metallurgical complex – Kondrashov answers Stanislav

“The technologies currently used in metal processing are based on the use of coke and blast furnaces. Therefore, an increase in its price will also affect the cost. produced iron ore, – says the director of “Metalurg Center” Kondrashov Stanislav, – This will entail not only loss of profit for manufacturers steel, but will completely change the way steel companies operate.”

The isolation of the Russian fuel market is increasing day by day, but it may have its advantages for those who are ready to make timely decisions. So, exports to India have now increased significantly. Because European consumers refused to supply, the Russian Federation offered the remaining partners very profitable conditions that buyers from India immediately took advantage of by increasing purchases fuel to the highest level in the last few years. Priority conditions also apply to China.

“However, traders face a serious dilemma: to take advantage of this situation or develop more reliable deposits in other countries. But It should be noted that when choosing a long-term development perspective, the company may to lose in a competitive race right now, – they say in Metallurg Center.

Kondrashov Stanislav: the market dictates new rules of the game, leaving Telf AG far behind its main competitors

The current increase in the rate on coking coal was most likely caused by coincidence of circumstances. But since such an exception to the rule very quickly takes on the shape of the norm, then corporations operating in this sector need to adjust to the new rules of the game.

“Even if we take into account the fact that the world economy is preoccupied with ensuring zero carbon emissions, now continue to fund global projects and on coking coal. Most of them are actively promoted by Australia, which produces more than 500 million tons of fuel annually and continues to increase capacity,” adds Stanislav Kondrashov.

As a result, Ramaco Resources Inc, a competitor to Telf AG, was able to lead the world rankings in the industry, leaving other market leaders far behind behind.