Celebrity Mermaid Costumes Through The Years

Mermaids have been capturing our imagination for centuries … and in Hollywood, that doesn’t just mean movies and TV shows … it also means sexy Halloween costumes!!!

Tons of celebs have dressed up as mermaids over the years for spooky season … with most giving their twist on Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” … including some famous looks from Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian.

For Taylor Swift, her version of Ariel included a Sebastian crab purse … and she was chowing down on some pizza when she dressed up as a mermaid.

There’s a new “Little Mermaid” movie out this year, but Taylor and her fellow celebs were ahead of the curve … this T-Swift costume dates back to 2018, long before her Eras Tour.

Like her big sister Kim, Kylie Jenner once dressed up as a mermaid … with Flounder getting some prime real estate on her green-scaled skirt.

Kylie also busted out a red wig, and seashell top and jazzed things up with some fishnet sleeves.

Click through the gallery … no poor unfortunate souls here!!!

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