Chris Tarrant dismisses Tyson Fury’s claim they had a ‘big row’ as ‘nonsense’

Chris Tarrant discusses being ‘sabotaged’ by Terry Wogan

Chris Tarrant has denied the claim he and Tyson Fury rowed at a luxurious Perthshire hotel, exclaiming that the pair have never even met.

The 76-year-old insisted: “It is complete nonsense! I’ve never even met him. My wife and I got into a crowded lift with Tyson in it. We didn’t even speak and I got out at the next floor.

“There was no row; not a word was exchanged and we never saw him again! So I’ve still never met him,” he continued to Mail Online.

“He is one of the greatest boxers I’ve ever seen – why on earth would I have a row with him? This is rubbish.”

However, 35-year-old Tyson made the astonishing claim very publicly, on an episode of his reality show At Home With The Furys.

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He had been discussing taking his wife Paris, 33, to Scotland, having sung the praises of the Gleneagles country hotel.

The luxurious accommodation contains Scotland’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant, three golf courses and a relaxing spa – but according to Tyson, he’d rowed during his last visit.

“I had a big row with Chris Tarrant the last time I was there,” he stated of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host, while chuckling.

On the same episode, Tyson’s wife spoke of how she believes he becomes “triggered” easily and can make situations seem “stressful [even when] there’s really nothing going on”.

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Meanwhile, the gripping reality show, which debuted last Wednesday, had viewers glued to their seats as they watched a disagreement unfold between mum-of-six Paris and Tyson.

The pair were due to return to Scotland for a break without the kids, only for Tyson to change his mind at the last minute, upsetting his wife in the process.

“If you didn’t want to go, why don’t you just man up and say you don’t want to go?” she quizzed him.

Tyson replied bluntly: “I don’t want to go. I can’t be bothered. I never want to go anywhere.”

He added that he couldn’t “be a**ed with” driving for six hours to get to the destination and that he didn’t want to pack extra clothes to take with him either.

“I’ll wear these clothes for three days, to train in, eat, sleep, drink in,” he explained.

While Paris did manage to persuade her “moody” husband to get on the road in the end, it was a struggle, and some fans branded her a “saint” for enduring his behaviour.

“Once he gets triggered into a bad mood, he can’t seem to get out of it the same as a normal person, so he can make stress seem so stressful and there’s really nothing going on,” she told the cameras.

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