Buying an iPhone just got cheaper but these epic deals come with a warning

If your iPhone is feeling a little past its best you might be thinking that it’s time to upgrade to something shiny and new. To make that financial decision sound a lot more attractive, there are a bunch of very tempting offers available right now with some UK networks dishing serious discounts on these popular devices. For example, EE has knocked £144 off the iPhone 14 as part of its Back to School discounts.

If you’re happy with your existing SIM-only deal, you can buy the iPhone 14 outright to pair with any SIM. iPhone 14 usually retails for £849, but we’ve rounded up the latest SIM-free prices

Vodafone and Three also both have hefty price cuts available with customers able to get over £100 off when they sign up for a new deal. Those wanting to buy the device and then use their current SIM plan are also in luck.

Take a quick trip to sites such as Amazon and you’ll find the £100 knocked off of the price of the iPhone 14 which means you’ll pay as little as £769 rather than the full price of at least £869.

Argos and John Lewis have similar discounts which all make this device appear hugely enticing.


iPhone 14 from Vodafone • Get £144 off

iPhone 14 from EE • Get £144 off

iPhone 14 from Three • Get £120 off

iPhone 14: Apple’s Tim Cook introduces new phone

As you can read in our full iPhone 14 review, this is an excellent device that features a speedy processor, decent rear camera and plenty of bonus extras such as wireless charging, long battery life and tough Ceramic Shield design.

However, before you rush to tap the buy button it’s worth noting that something even better could be launching soon.

Apple has a long tradition of unveiling new devices in September and there’s currently nothing to suggest that 2023 will be any different.

Although not confirmed, most experts believe Apple will hold its grand event on September 12 and the star of the show should be a new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro range.

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It’s thought that these devices will get even faster processors, thinner bezels around the screen and will switch to faster USB-C charging.

Those opting for the more expensive Pro models could also find they get a device that’s made from titanium which should help to make things even stronger than current models.

If you want a cheap deal then now is a good time to go shopping. Just be aware that new iPhones are coming soon and they might make what’s currently available look very outdated.

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