Drake Warns Druski After Latest Troll of Birdman, Cash Money

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Drake‘s giving a warning to a social media star who’s trying to pretend he’s the boss of a new rap label, which feels eerily similar to Birdman‘s … and which Baby doesn’t like at all.

Of course, we’re talking about Druski and his “Coulda Been Records” — a brand he recently launched … but seemingly just for jokes and content. The dude ran auditions and uploaded a ton of clips showing him denying would-be artists in hilarious fashion.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Thing is … Birdman himself isn’t a fan of what Druski’s doing — and let him know about it in no uncertain terms over an IG Live chat — warning him he’s stepping on Cash Money’s toes.

Fast-forward to this weekend … and Druski’s at it again, playing up a sketch/skit where he’s brooding over one of Drizzy’s new songs (‘Daylight’) where he raps a bar that Druski apparently wanted to use in one of his own (fake) songs … “Standin’ on business.”

druski birdman drake instagram

Check out Druski’s upload … it’s pretty funny. He’s fuming over the fact that Drake beat him to the punch — and captioned his video “Cash Money vs Coulda Been BEEF CONTINUES.” Obviously, Dru’s kidding here — the whole thing’s a gag — but Birdman isn’t playing.

Baby responded in the comments, “Bro you still playin with a real gangsta SMFH” … and Drake even chimed in, adding “Stunna bout to have you come up missing on Gladys.”

birdman on druski instagram

Now, the Internet apparently can’t tell if Birdman is being serious or not — even though Druski obviously isn’t — but based on how Baby’s reacting … something tells us he means it. He posted more photos of Druski on his IG Story after this — and he sure seems angry.

Remember, this manufactured feud came to a head a few months ago when Birdman confronted Druski about his Coulda Been endeavor — and Dru tried to calm his down.

Since then, Druski’s been leaning into it — apparently getting a kick over the fact that he’s gotten a rise out of Birdman over this whole charade — and he continues to stir the CMR pot.

Be careful, bud … not everything is fun and games. 😅

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