Harry Styles Shows Off Ripped Body in English Duck Pond

Harry Styles is not giving up on summer, and who would with a body like that?!?

The 29-year-old was topless, tatted and remarkably ripped as he dove into a duck pond in England … yes, apparently that’s a thing over there.

Although Harry’s never had trouble gettin’ dates, he’s clearly stepped up his game in the physique dept. We’re told he’s lately been into pilates, but judging from the pics, he’s also lifting … a lot.

Someone who wasn’t in the water with HS was his rumored new girlfriend, actress Taylor Russell. You’ll recall, she was getting the VIP treatment at his Vienna concert earlier this year, chilling in an exclusive spot while he performed.

Harry Styles & Taylor Russell Get Cozy In London

The 2 were spotted getting handsy weeks later at press night for her London play, “The Effect” … and we were told ended up in the back of the same car, driving off together later in the night.

Celebrity Six Packs -- Guess the Washboards! Part 2

You still have a week of summer left, Harry, and there are plenty of duck ponds.

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