Repeated Questions with Solutions from SSC CGL Previous Year Papers

Getting a government job is someone’s dream. With the increasing level of competition, it is, however, getting excessively difficult to fetch one. But one shouldn’t lose hope as nothing is impossible to achieve in life. In this article, we look at the questions and solutions that were repeated in the SSC CGL previous year papers and has a high chance of coming in this year’s exam.

Repeated Questions from different sections from SSC CGL previous year papers

SSC CGL exam is one of the most sought after exams in the country. Obviously, the basic mantra is to study hard and cover all topics as far as possible. The most important part is solving SSC CGL previous year papers to score high marks. Automatically, the questions that were repeated has a higher chance of coming this year. Here are the section-wise repeated questions with solutions from previous years:

Quantitative Aptitude

There are 25 questions in this category each comprising 2 marks. Here is the list of repeated questions from SSC CGL previous year papers:
Question: By selling a bag for Rs. 230, a profit of 15% is made. What will be the sales price of the bag to make a profit of 20%?
Answer: Rs.240.
Question: In a mixture of 25 lts, the ratio of milk : water is 4 : 1. Another 3 litres is added to the mixture. The ratio of milk to water in the new mixture is?
Answer: 5:2
Question: Find the least number which must be subtracted from 18265 to make it a perfect square.
Answer: 40.
Question: A and B together can do a piece of work in 36 days, B and C together can do it in 24 days. A and C together in 18 days. The three working together can finish the work in how many days?
Answer: 16 Days.
Question: Speed of a boat along and against the current re 14 and 8 Km/Hr respectively. What is the speed of the current?
Answer: 3 Km/Hr.
Question: X can do a piece of work in ‘p’ days and Y can do the same work in ‘q’ days. Then the number of days in which X and Y can together do that work is-
Answer: pq/(p+q)

General Intelligence and Reasoning

This section consists of 25 questions and total marks allocated is 50. The questions that were repeated from SSC CGL previous year papers are:
Question: Introducing a man, a woman said- “ His mother is the only daughter of my father.” How are the man and woman related?
Answer: Son
Question: 12:72::8:?
Answer: 32

How many circles are there in the figure?
Answer: 19
Question: Select the related letters from the following:
Answer: WYXV

Which figure will complete the pattern in the question?

Question: Find the missing number in the series:
219, 211, 204, 198, ?, 189
Answer: 193

English Language and Comprehension

25 questions will be asked in this section. This tests the depth of English of an individual and the concentration level. Some of the questions that were repeated from SSC CGL previous year papers are:
Question: What is the opposite of the word GREGARIOUS?
Question: Choose the best meaning of the phrase – “Burn your boats.”
Answer: Do something that makes it impossible to return to the previous situation
Question: Choose the best meaning of the word – PERUSE.
Answer: Read
Question: Choose the correct alternative to make the sentence sound good-
I took my mother some grapes when she was in the hospital.
Answer: I brought my mother some grapes.
Question: Choose if correction is needed in the sentence-
A bird in the tree is worth two in the bush.
Answer: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Question: I am very anxious / to know how are you / and mother are doing / No Error.
Find if there is an error.
Answer: 2nd part is wrong. It will be- “to know how you”.
Additionally, there will also be comprehension based questions where you will be asked questions pertaining to the passage. It goes without saying that nothing will be repeated.

General Knowledge and Awareness

Questions that will be asked from this section will be based on current affairs, sports, important government schemes, people in the news, geography, economy, population census, technology, etc. Just like the previous sections, there will be 25 questions of total 50 marks. This is the best scoring place. However, finding repetition is tough as every year there is something new happening. Still, some of the repeated questions are:
Question: Silk worms feed on what?
Answer: Mulberry leaves
Question: Which Indian has received a special Oscar?
Answer: Satyajit Ray
Question: Which is the only thing that is not guaranteed as per the Indian Constitution?
Answer: Right to free education for all.
Question: Stars twinkle at night but why do the planets not twinkle?
Answer: Planets do not twinkle because they are nearer to the Earth and hence receive a great amount of light and therefore minor variations in intensity are not noticeable.
Question: What does NABARD stand for?
Answer: The full form of NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.
Question: Which monument is also known as the “National Monument of India”?
Answer: India Gate.
These are just some of the common questions from SSC CGL previous years papers. However, you should not go to the exam centre studying these very questions. There is a cut-off mark of 0.5 for every incorrect alternative chosen. You need to practice thoroughly and study everything in details to score high.