Lil Tay Tells All! She Details Alleged Abuse & Mistreatment From Dad & Stepmom During Instagram Live

Lil Tay is sharing her story.

By now you know that the social media personality has been making headlines ever since a death hoax – which she claims was orchestrated by her father Christopher Hope – went viral. She promised fans this week to go live on Instagram to further address the allegations she made against her dad, and boy, did she come through!

Lil Tay hopped on the platform Saturday, first dropping videos of her performing music on different instruments and sharing a video for her new song, Sucker 4 Green. See (below):

Before anyone thinks her big reveal was nothing more than the launch of her music career comeback, that was not the case. Lil Tay eventually went live again and got into everything, including why she’s been gone for five years and why she made the abuse allegations against Chris. And buckle up, Perezcious readers, she discussed a lot here.

According to Lil Tay, her father only came into her life when she became famous several years ago and then managed to gain custody of her for a while. She alleged:

“Five years ago, I became famous. I disappeared. He started a court case to silence me, so I could not speak on what was happening and so he could take control over my money. His name is Chris Hope.”

During that time period, the singer claimed she was physically and mentally abused and mistreated by Chris, her stepmom Hanee Hope, and her stepbrother. Lil Tay alleged that her father would hook up with his assistant and random women he met on Craigslist “all the time” in front of her when she was a young child. One time, the teenager recalled that she woke up to Chris and the assistant together in her bed, and the woman had her “hand on leg.”

When Chris married her stepmother, who she called a “scammer,” the couple normalized “inappropriate sexual behavior” and would do the “most out of pocket sexual s**t” while she was in the room. And that’s not all. Lil Tay went on to say that physical abuse was “so common” in their household, as Hanee allegedly “would take her anger out” by punching and pinching her. On Instagram Live, the influencer showed pictures of the alleged injuries she received and a police report. It got to the point where her stepbrother allegedly joined in on the abuse, and her parents would “egg him on.”

In another incident, Lil Tay said her parents traumatized and “scared” her as a young kid, forcing her to watch the horror movie Bride of Chucky while Hanee allegedly had her in a “chokehold” so she couldn’t escape. What the f**k?!! She then claimed her stepmom locked her in a closet, telling her to “go play with Chucky.” This is horrific to do to a child! Lil Tay said the abuse from Chris was not just directed at her, but her mom as well, saying:

“Chris Hope has a history, before I was even born, before I was at his residence, with his wife, and they were abusing me, he was abusing my mom. He was a domestic abuser. I witnessed him shoving my mom into walls and punching her.”

Among other claims made by Lil Tay? Showing pictures of her meals, she alleged that she was fed “rotten, frozen, parasitic, moldy” food by Chris and Hanee. And while Chris allegedly has been giving expensive handbags to his wife, Lil Tay claimed she didn’t have proper clothes to wear, and he allegedly has not paid over $250,000 in child support. But according to The Wrap, attorney’s for her mom say he actually owes $275,000 in back child support and monthly support payments.

She then alleged that Chris is racist and only attempted to get custody of her since her mom was “letting me associate with Black and Hispanic people in the entertainment industry.” It is so, so awful what Lil Tay has gone through over these past few years.

But what does she have to say about the death hoax? Tay once again reiterated that Chris was behind the hoax and worked with a “con artist” who claimed to be her manager. While the teen doesn’t go into details, she claimed they planned to fake her death and then promote some sort of crypto coin. Wow. Lil Tay did not hold back here. You can see a recording of the Live (below):

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