Putin’s final breath could come soon as life expectancy ‘much shorter’, says doc

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    A leading doctor says Vladimir Putin could take his final breath much sooner than expected – warning the severity of his alleged cardiac arrest “cannot be underscored enough”.

    The Russian despot, 71, reportedly fell ill on Sunday (October 22) and had to be “resuscitated” before moving to his official residence’s intensive care unit, according to a Telegram channel.

    Now health expert, Dr Naheed Ali, says the future could be grim for the warmonger if recent General SVR posts are to be believed. The channel claims to have a source inside the President’s entourage who says he is dying.

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    One gloomy post read: “The real Putin lies in a room equipped at an intensive care ward in his residence, connected to equipment that monitors his vital parameters.

    “After cardiac arrest on Sunday evening, the attending doctors assess the condition of the Russian President as stable and serious and consider the prospects without optimism.”

    And speaking to the Daily Star, Dr Naheed Ali reacted by saying: “A person in their early 70s with these health challenges might face a higher risk of complications, possibly leading to a much shorter life expectancy compared to others of the same age without concerns.”

    He added: “Given Putin’s reported episode, if authentic, the severity cannot be underscored enough. A cardiac arrest isn’t a fleeting chest pain – it’s the heart’s desperate cry for immediate medical intervention.”

    Dr Ali, who is based in Florida, also said the nefarious leader could be more vulnerable than most and stated that unimaginable stress and sleep deprivation – caused by things like the invasion of Ukraine – could be inflicting serious damage.

    Giving an insight into how troubled Vlad may be suffering by not getting enough kip, he said: “These issues are intensified by the demands of holding one of the most stressful leadership roles globally. The tumultuous and rigorous nature of his position, marred by international conflicts, domestic pressures, and diplomatic challenges, could undoubtedly cast a heavy toll.

    “Stress, as we know, can be a silent yet potent assailant, covertly exacerbating health conditions and predisposing an individual to various ailments.”

    He added: “Sleep deprivation, an often overlooked adversary, poses a significant threat to our health. The repercussions of chronic sleeplessness extend far beyond fatigue or mere irritability.

    “It systematically weakens the body's immune defences, exacerbates existing health concerns, and introduces a bevy of cognitive and physical complications.

    “When juxtaposed with the weighty responsibilities of a world leader, the absence of restful sleep could amplify stress levels, potentially accelerating the onset of health complications.”

    Unsurprisingly, the Kremlin has constantly insisted that all is well with Putin, rubbishing claims that a body double is being used for public appearances.

    But political scientist Valery Solovey has been on record to say that Putin could be “dead by the end of Autumn”.

    However, Dr Ali, the lead writer for Sleep Bubble, believes it’s impossible to know the truth surrounding just how ill the Russian leader may be.

    He said: “It’s crucial to recognise the limitations of our knowledge. Without concrete medical records or a direct evaluation by healthcare professionals, speculations remain just that – conjectures. They may offer a framework for understanding, but they shouldn't be mistaken for concrete diagnoses.”

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